Neosurance gets more recognitions and brings the instant API approach to the US

“Al Volo”, the microinsurance solution created by Axa Italy using the technology of Neosurance, has won one more award, getting the first prize in the category “Intelligent Automation” during MF Insurance & Previdenza Awards 2018 organized by Milano Finanza and Accenture.

The startup has just been incorporated in the US by setting up an office in Sunnyvale. With this move Neosurance aims to bring to the US its instant insurance technology dedicated to app-based communities. In the past months Neosurance has enabled several new use cases, with products provided by different international insurance Groups.

There have been other recent achievements for the start-up featured in Insurance Factory’s 2018 Trend Report, among which the most notable one is the nomination among 10+1 startup Fintechs in Italy by StartupItalia! and The European House – Ambrosetti.

Neosurance’s technology platform has been under constant development and is now easier to embed in any digital customer journey (mobile and web). Today any digital community can integrate the Neosurance SDK in a few hours and immediately enable their clients to purchase insurance products offered by the insurance Groups that are currently using Neosurance technology.

“Our API approach – said the co-founder Andrea Silvello – allows any player owning an app or a website to connect their users with the most innovative insurance providers and their offer: the right insurance product, to the right person, at the right time, with the right communication style. The world has changed. It’s time for the insurance sector to leverage the opportunities presented by new technologies in order to improve the way we protect people’s lives and lifestyles. Our artificial Intelligence engine allows the insurer to identify – through the use of contextual data coming from the smartphone  –   the specific insurance needs of the single customer in order to send a personalized proposal. The costumer then activates  the cover with a few easy taps on the screen. In this way Neosurance manages to create insurance-backed life experiences that meet the customer's immediate needs and drive the use of instant mobile insurance.”

“Neosurance disruptive business model is creating a massive traction to build multiple engagements with digital communities covering several verticals, from financial services to telcos, mobility, leisure and sport, in order to fully deploy the power of our customer centric business model”, commented Pietro Menghi, CEO of Neosurance.

About Neosurance

Neosurance is an Insurtech startup founded at the beginning of 2016 by Andrea Silvello – CEO and co-founder of Digital Tech with more than 15 years experience in strategic consulting, and Dario Melpignano – CEO and co-founder of Neosperience, the leading digital customer experience platform. Neosurance, led by the international insurance industry executive Pietro Menghi, employs a diverse team of senior professionals with different competencies, from AI and machine learning, to digital customers experience design and behavioral sciences. It provides insurance companies and digital communities with a CRM enrichment and analytics platform to enable the sale of instant micro-policies and services, when and where it matters, leveraging contextual, behavioral and emotional data.