Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy supplements and completes our Information Notice.

Upon first connection to our Website, the user will see a synthetic notice on the usage of cookies. Closing that notice by clicking the dedicated button or by clicking out of the banner that contains it and continuing to surf the Website, the user consents to the usage of third-parties’ cookies as described in the present Cookie Policy.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the browser and saved on user’s terminal when the latter visits a website. The next time the user visits the website, the user’s browser will read the cookie and will relay the information to the website or to the party that originally created the cookie. We do not use cookies that may damage your computer. In addition, our Website does not store any personal information such as user’s name, but it makes use of encrypted information collected from cookies to improve user’s experience within the Website.

Types of Cookies Used by the Website

The Website uses the following technical cookies:

  • navigation cookies: such cookies allow the Website to work correctly and permit to display the Website’s contents, and their deactivation may cause malfunctions to the Website. Such cookies are not stored in a persistent manner on user’s terminal and are deleted upon closing of the browser;

  • Analytics: the Website uses cookies of Google Analytics provided by Google, Inc. in order to carry out statistical analysis on how users explore Website. Users’ IP addresses are anonymized before being saved by Google Analytics’ service;

  • technical cookies necessary to keep trace of user’s consent.

Moreover, the Website uses social platforms’ cookies (namely, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus, SlideShare), managed by the third parties involved.  Such cookies are necessary to allow a social account to interact with our Website, permit to share content that users like with their friends, visit a page on our Website with integrated content. Cookies of social platforms are not necessary for surfing the Website.

Here you can find further information on social platforms’ cookies, on their privacy policies and on the modalities to deactivate them:

The Website does not use profiling cookies.

Managing Cookies’ Preferences with Browser Settings

Almost every Internet browser allows users to: (i) verify which cookies are present on the hard drive; (ii) block all cookies; or (iii) receive an alert every time a cookie is installed. In some cases, however, failure to install a cookie may impair or prevent due functioning of the Website.

Here follows an explanation of the modalities provided by the major browsers to manage cookies’ preferences:

- Internet Explorer:

- Chrome:

- Firefox: dei cookie

- Opera:

- Safari: