Is customer engagement in UBI relevant for changing the driving behavior?

Customer Engagement As Critical Success Factor In Changing Driving Behavior

This Amodo research shows that customer engagement, can result in a significantly higher change of behavior in a direction defined by the program. 

The main goal of the research was to explore possible correlation between customer engagement and change of customer behavior. Participants of the research used Amodo's Mobility Platform and smartphone app that collected data using sensors, calculated driving safety score based on factors like speeding time, speeding intensity, the harshness of braking, acceleration, and cornering. Usage of the Smartphone App was stimulated by gamification mechanisms such as individual and group challenges, competitions, reward contests and others, available on Amodo platform.

Technology is enabling insurance companies to improve many aspects of their business. Amodo’s research demonstrates how telematics technology can be used for risk prevention, by encouraging safer driving, benefiting both insurers and their customers.

If you are interested to learn more about the analysis of driving behavior patterns across segments and time dimension, you can download the white paper here.

  • 16 pages
  • 5 graphics
  • One year of data
  • One million journeys analysed


AMODO’s technology is already part of digital transformation projects in many international insurance and car distributor companies. Amodo’s multi-sided mobility platform provides customer centric data analytics capabilities and most importantly automated customer engagement mechanics, widely used by leading companies in the field of Usage Based Insurance such as AIG, BNP Paribas, Generali, Mobly, Porsche Holding, Youse, and others.

Additional information about the Amodo connected insurance platform, can be found at | LinkedIn Amodo-IoT Twitter: @Amodo_IoT | or contact us

Editor: Mihaela Novic