Insurance as a Service: how Ageas, AIG and Mapfre use IoT for customer engagement

‘IaaS’ or Insurance as a Service could just be the next big thing. Providing customer services that align with the digital age and modern convenience are fundamental to insurers. But, how do we turn this pipedream into a reality?


We sat down with Ageas, AIG and Mapfre to discuss how IoT can encourage better customer relations in



Access these interviews in our white paper ‘Insurance as a Service: IoT for customer engagement’ right here:


This white paper identifies what IoT can do to support the insurance customer, with insight to:


  • Employ IoT to retain customers by providing value-added services and build trust
  • Engage new customers through strategic ‘connected’ partners and digital services
  • Build exceptional response services to deliver preventative risk measures for customers


Our interviews were conducted with:


Josep Celaya, Chief Innovation Officer, Mapfre

Matthew Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer, Ageas

Nicolas Berg, Head of Casualty – EMEA, AIG


Take a look at the full document featuring these interviews here: