‘Ecosystems’ - is it just a buzzword?

‘Ecosystems’ is in danger to evolve into a buzzword. The term is often misused; almost everything seems to be an ecosystem nowadays. On the other hand, it would be a mistake to paint ecosystems as just the next hype. So it’s key to understand better what difference ecosystems can really make from an insurance innovation perspective. Volker Büttner, Head of Group Innovation at Generali, expects ecosystems to have an impact on the insurance industry. He says taking a customer perspective is key, and the implementation is different from how insurers have been working in the past.

Volker Büttner

Leading the group innovation activities of Generali and looking into new business models and technologies on a daily basis. Not just in insurance, insurtech and fintech, but also in adjacent sectors. In that regard, he is leading the group’s venture innovation activities with VCs and start-ups, driving concrete collaboration opportunities but also feeding the more long-term strategy development with insights into relevant threats and opportunities, including ecosystems. 

Reggy De Feniks

Speaker/author 'Reinventing Financial Services'​, 'Reinventing Customer Engagement'​. Partner 9Senses and co-founder DIA

Roger Peverelli

Co-founder Digital Insurance Agenda. Speaker / author Customer Engagement, Innovation, Fintech, Insurtech.