Vantage: OPIN

The Open Insurance Initiative (OPIN) intends to create standardised, open source APIs to enable InsurTechs to build innovative integrations with insurers. From this interview with OPIN’s founder, Fouad Husseini, you will learn more about the initiative.  My involvement in the Open Insurance initiative is driving a lot of interaction for me on many fronts, and I specifically enjoy those with incumbents, startups and regulators. F.H: Most of my efforts these days go into thinking how to get the industry to work together, to have a common approach to be able to build scale.

Fouad Husseini

Founder of the Open Insurance Initiative

Fouad’s career in insurance started in the UK working in the sales and marketing department for one of the largest life insurers in the market. He moved to the Middle East in the late nineties and ever since has lived and worked in more than six different countries.

He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and is a fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute. A prolific writer and thought leader on insurance innovation. He wrote and published a textbook titled “The Insurance Field Book” which attracted a lot of attention from insurers and reinsurers across the globe providing a fresh and approachable perspective on commercial insurance.

More recently, he has founded The Open Insurance Initiative which is based on a whitepaper that he had written and published in 2018.