Powering The Bionic Underwriter Of The Future

 Artificial intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities to improve the way underwriters select, target and price risk. Those who integrate emerging technologies and new sources of data will gain a competitive edge by way of improved loss ratios, innovative products, and a more efficient workforce.

What practical steps can insurers take to prepare for the age of bionic underwriting?

Join Intelligent Insurer as they talk to Zurich, ERGO, and Tapoly about leveraging artificial intelligence to power the bionic underwriter of the future.

Join the live webinar: Powering The Bionic Underwriter Of The Future (Thursday 7th March, 2 pm GMT)

In this webinar, you’ll get exclusive insights from:

  • Susan Fallon, Global Head of Commercial Property, Zurich
  • Alexandrina Scorbureanu, Group Head of Projects & Overarching Activities, ERGO
  • Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, CEO/Founder, Tapoly

Tune-in to discuss:

  • Leverage New Technologies, Tools And Techniques: Get to grips with the latest tools available to enhance the underwriting process, including sensor-based technologies and semantic web applications
  • Move Beyond Existing Pricing Models: Identify ways to integrate new sources of data into the pricing process, and achieve pricing decisions that are statistically grounded in sophisticated analytics and rules-based decision support
  • Develop Future Skills And Capabilities Now: Identify the new specialist skills that will complement core underwriting competencies, including data-driven product development, portfolio management and pricing analytics

Join the live webinar: Powering The Bionic Underwriter Of The Future (Thursday 7th March, 2 pm GMT)

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