New sources of growth in a mature insurance market

This post concludes our exploration of Insurance/Insurtech trends in North America as part of our progression through our seven dedicated Regional Profiles. In our previous post we reviewed our general statistics for the region (gathered in the course of our Global Trend Map) and identified five qualitative themes, of which we have so far explored 4. 1.Insurers’ renewed focus on their primary underwriting business in the face of low interest rates and impending Insurtech disruption. 2.The rise of the ‘new consumer’ and how this is changing the insurer-customer relationship. 3.Customer-centricity as the prime mover of distribution and product. 4.The impact of legacy systems and regulation on (re)insurers’ innovation and transformation efforts. 5.How insurers are to unlock new sources of growth in a mature market. Here we present Theme 5 featuring commentary from our two local influencers: - Chicago-based Stephen Applebaum, Managing Partner at Insurance Solutions Group; - Boston-based Matthew Josefowicz, CEO at Novarica

Alexander Cherry

Alexander Cherry, Head of Research & Content at Insurance Nexus.