It’s still InsurTechs against the world

Our three US venture-backed InsurTech carriers have mo money, mo premium, and mo losses. Around the time their losses became notorious, there are some signs of improvement, but not enough to prove viable business models. It’s still early. No 2Pacalypse is imminent, as the start-ups have tons of cash. But forget about east coast / west coast feuds: it’s still InsurTechs against the world.

Adrian Jones

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Matteo Carbone

Matteo is founder and director of IoT Insurance Observatory, Global InsurTech Thought Leader and Investor.
He is internationally recognized as an insurance industry strategist with a specialization on innovation. Matteo is author and world-renowned authority on InsurTech - ranked among top international InsurTech Influencers.

Matteo has advised more than 100 different players in ten markets around the world and has wide experience which includes set up of industrial and commercial plans, growth strategy definition and support in the start-up of new initiatives, digital strategy development, insurance products innovation, channel strategy and commercial model definition, startups mentorship and advice M&A deals.