Accelerating the Cyber Insurance Revenue Engine

After spending the last 2 years at most every InsurTech Conference across the US and EU, as well as security conferences such as RSA, I’m convinced that most of the insurance industry spells cyber with an “I” --- and I don’t blame them! We all know the incredible growth opportunity that the cyber insurance market represents.

Steven Schwartz

Managing Director at CEO Quest | Board of Advisors at Cytegic 

Steven Schwartz is dedicated to protecting the assets and liabilities of commercial organizations and individuals, fostering effective risk management and strategic business development for companies around the world. A noted thought leader on the topic of risk management of cyber related assets like personal data, he is recognized globally as a Top 50 "InsurTech Influencer" and is often sought out to speak at the world’s largest Insurance Conferences with unique insights and expertise as it relates to InsurTech.

Steven has a passion for company building, which led him to his current role as CEO Quest Managing Director -- where he coaches tech company CEOs towards accelerated company growth. As an innovation leader in the fields of risk management, cybersecurity and personal data, he is a Co-Founder of The Data Union and former Founding Board Member and Vice-Chairman of The Data Trade Association.