Insurance IoT Progress Survey Infographic: one fifth of insurers agree IoT is changing their business right now.

One fifth of insurers agree IoT is changing their business right now. Ever wonder what your peers are thinking about how IoT will affect the insurance industry?

Over 200 responded to the Insurance IoT Progress Survey and the results will give you the kick-start you need to get IoT moving in your business. With 19% agreeing that IoT is transforming their business now, these survey results will help you understand why you should be getting IoT-ready right away.

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This survey will benchmark your progress amongst your peers:

  • Get in the game as IoT is destined to transform insurance: see the impact that IoT will have on your business through concrete results from your industry peers
  • Enable your customers and make them IoT-ready: figure out what you need to make IoT stick in your business as your customers begin to engage in the connected world
  • Prepare, the time for IoT in insurance is now: this isn’t the future, we are talking about IoT in the here and now – inspire, innovate and lead your business in to the future

Insurance Nexus also asked which insurers and IoT service providers were leading the pack, which areas of the business are most engaged, and how much investment is being made. Align your business with those taking the lead!

To get the full results, access the survey infographic right here