Corporate Startup Collaboration in Insurance - Unleashing the True Power of Insurtech

Major corporations around the world are increasingly waking up to the fact that startups are becoming the key source of innovation for them. There’s even a new acronym for it CSE (Corporate Startup Engagement). Call it what you may but its delivering a rapid iterative customer centric R&D to quite a few largest global players. “262 of the world’s 500 largest corporations are actively partnering with startup companies.” – INSEAD Report There are clearly a set of complementary strengths that exists between corporate and startup entities. Rather than trying to fit a square peg of startup innovation into a round hole of corporate structure, corporate leaders are choosing to actively collaborate with startups to explore ways of combining the best of both worlds. Not to be underestimated, this gives an opportunity for abovementioned peg to round off and for the hole to become more edgy, thus learning from each others’ strengths and thus increasing their competitiveness.