Much of life happens at work. Even if employees are more transient than ever, swapping jobs for greener pastures, they are still working 8+ hours a day, committing the greatest part of their waking hours (and their most productive hours) to help their company compete and succeed. While at that company, most have a sense of loyalty.They will do their best to make sure that their employer does well, at the same time recognizing that their positive efforts will likely yield them a pay bump or a bonus.

While they are loyal, working hard and identifying themselves with the company, they also are looking for “what the company can do for them” – including what benefits are offered to them. The crazier life gets, the busier employees become, and as they adapt to life changes, the more interested they are in benefits that will provide them what they want and need, save them time and not take too much time to research or purchase. What they want are benefits that make sense for them and can be purchased in ways that make sense. And that gives group and voluntary insurers a whole new challenge. Create relevant products that make sense on every level. Offer products that fit each unique life, then offer them where life happens — at work.