INSTANDA helps London Underwriters create new InsurTech, Bunch Insurance

HARTFORD, Conn.March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- INSTANDA, the cloud-native insurance solutions provider, today announces that London Underwriters has successfully implemented INSTANDA's technology to create a new InsurTech – Bunch Insurance.

Founded in 2010, London Underwriters is an insurance wholesale broker specializing in writing admitted and non-admitted business for independent retail agencies in 47 States. In July 2020, London Underwriters turned to INSTANDA for help to evolve its business strategy. As a traditional binding authority, it recognized that new InsurTech entrants were disrupting the way brokers were doing business. Rather than be removed from the distribution model, London Underwriters decided to augment its own processes by developing its very own InsurTech product without expensive systems implementations.