Underwriting Innovation USA 2022

Leading USA Carriers And Innovators Join Forces To Provide The Roadmap For Success In The Future Underwriting Landscape

With the insurance market hardening, new risks rapidly emerging and customer expectations increasing all the time, the challenge for underwriters to quickly enhance efficiency and productivity is greater than ever. How can underwriters stay ahead of the curve as the insurance landscape evolves at an unprecedented rate?

Leveraging new technologies and reshaping processes is the key to maintaining a competitive edge and enhancing profitability. Being slow to embrace transformative tools will cause Underwriters to be inefficient, unproductive and ultimately risk becoming unprofitable as they lose market share to other innovative competitors.

Underwriting Innovation USA unites more chief underwriting officers, and senior industry experts, coming from leading carriers to showcase pioneering use cases for emerging technologies, tools and techniques across the underwriting ecosystem.

Join 250+ senior underwriting executives and gain insight into how the landscape is shifting and tackle the core issues surrounding innovation intergeneration in underwriting!

Sign up to Underwriting Innovation USA (November 9-10) for your roadmap on the future of underwriting.