Insurtech Insights America 2022

Insurtech Insights is a global ecosystem aiming to connect industry leaders and decision makers with innovative startups who are challenging the insurance market, in order to create mutual business opportunities and accelerate growth.

Our community is one of the leading Insurtech communities, connecting you to the industry leading innovative thinking being generated around the globe. With attendees from established Insurtech companies to C-level Executives from leading Insurance Carriers, Reinsurers, Investors and innovating Start-up businesses.

Through our global events in London, New York and Singapore we are creating a community for members to connect and share knowledge through a variety of different ways, such as podcast and conferences.

  • Improve your knowledge on challenging and strategic issues relevant to any organization
  • Stay on top of future trends and seize new opportunities
  • Expand your toolbox and effectively solve the challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Challenge your way of thinking with new perspectives
  • Expand your professional horizon by meeting with and listening to leading insurance experts
  • Equip yourself with ideas and knowledge that adds value to you, your team, and your organization
  • Expand your network by meeting with 3,000 of the world's leading industry leaders from all over the world
  • Create new opportunities leading to a stronger and more global network
  • Meet with and attract talents of tomorrow