2nd InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2018

The Most Pragmatic and Prospective International InsurTech Event in China

The year 2017 has been hailed as the first year of InsurTech. InsurTech has indeed become an important method for insurers to enhance their competitiveness. They hope to reshape the value chain in the insurance ecosystem and improve the operational efficiency of their business by the application of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. The fact that Zhong An listed in Hong Kong Stock exchange and investment in InsurTech last year is the evident for the thriving of InsurTech market.

However, when InsurTech is advancing fiercely, there are still quite a lot of challenges. How will industry standards be unified? What is the trend of government supervision? How to optimize technology applications? How to develop mature business models? How to acquire and cultivate InsurTech professionals?

Therefore, the 2nd InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2018 (Sep. 12-14 | Shanghai, China) will offer you a comprehensive coverage of the innovations happening around and will happen in the coming years in the InsurTech market of China. Meanwhile, for those who are keen on finding new investment opportunities or strengthening their presence in the China’s market, this 3-day event will provide plenty of opportunities to meet your future partners.