2nd Edition IFRS 17 Implementation in Life Insurance

This marcus evans conference will show Life Insurance firms develop appropriate controls, systems and models in line with IFRS 17 to minimise the impact of the new accounting regulation in Life Insurance.

Attending this premier marcus evans conference will enable you to:

  • Discover what life insurers are doing now to work towards key milestones of the IFRS 17 project.
  • Gain examples of how Life Insurance firms are collating quality data and updating systems to align with IFRS 17.
  • See how life insurers are building the BBA model and carrying out parallel runs on the model
  • Understand the business implications of IFRS 17 and how this can be communicated to business lines.

Special offers for InsurTechNews members using code CM416-ITN when registering for this event:

  • 2 day conference: -£200
  • 2 day conference & 1 workshop: -£250
  • 2 day conference & 2 workshops: -£350

(Not for solution providers and consultants)

Interested? If you feel that you are a good fit for this conference please visit the event website: https://goo.gl/JX8Bth

For more information simply send an email to melinih@marcusevanscy.com

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