Cyber Risk and Insurance Innovation USA 2024

Discover new avenues of growth and resilience in a changing cyber risk market

Preparing for Emerging Threats and Risks: discuss how to adapt to the ever- evolving cyber threat landscape and how to adapt to shifting market conditions, as well as the impact of ransomware on cyber insurance strategies and enhanced incident response expertise for swift recovery and reduced impact.

Discovering the Next Generation of Cyber Insurance Products: redefine cyber strategies to overcome systemic risk and create future-ready cyber coverage by decoding war exclusions, pioneer paths in SME cyber risk coverage and discover the roadmap to the next generation of cyber insurance products while navigating the path to genuine innovation.

The Regulatory and Legal Landscape Alongside New Tech Opportunities: debate how to stay ahead of regulatory shifts and master the evolving legal landscape to ensure security, navigate the opportunities and implications of AI in the cyber sector, and shape the data-driven future of cyber insurance.

Harness Unity and Collaboration for Cyber Insurance Growth: enhance expertise sustainability within cyber talent, strengthen customer experiences by aligning broker and carrier interests, overcome the challenges of underwriting in today’s cyber landscape and analyse the pivotal role of CISOs and risk managers in cyber risk management, and draw the line between covering nothing and covering everything.