Connected Vehicle Insurance and Claims Forum (CVIC18)

IoT technologies and services are rapidly transforming the entire landscape of the automotive industry. The advanced sophistication in the modern day cars can help monitor almost all the relevant data now - from location to routes, driving behaviour to all the vehicle data like oil temperature, brake wear and tire pressure. Insurers can benefit from connected cars and telematics the most. Vehicle connectivity is promised to save large numbers in crash-related value and across the insurance value chain. Using analytics and real-time information generated by telematics devices, insurers can weed out fraudulent claims. Employing analytics can help insurers reduce up to 80% of fraudulent claims. Keeping all those facts in consideration, it is not hard to determine that insurance companies and car manufactures need to develop a more unified approach to address the limitations of insurance and claims in Connected Vehicles. At this forum, you will learn everything you need to know about the latest approaches to insurance for connected cars from the world's leading professionals. In 2 days of interactive sessions, panel discussions and networking, you will gain valuable knowledge from an international perspective. Small-scale of the event and engaging learning environment make for establishing more effective business connections and open-minded controversial discussions!