Connected Claims USA 2022

Unlimited possibility. Proven innovators. Limited time.Unlimited possibility. Proven innovators. Limited time. The pressure to innovate has never been greater. Being risk-averse is now the riskiest strategy.

Last year pushed claims transformation further than we thought possible, but customer expectations are only growing. Now we know what’s possible, how do we realize the new potential of claims?

There is no silver bullet - you need a holistic transformation of people, processes, technologies, and a reimagined partner ecosystem. And you need to do that all at the same time.

Technology must be embedded into every facet of the claims organization: processes must be automated and fully digital; communication channels need to be tailormade to customer preference, and we need to create a flexible ecosystem of partners.

Join your peers at the world’s largest gathering for claims executives at Reuters Events Connected Claims USA 2022 (November 2-4) to guide you through the new horizon of claims and achieve the unprecedented innovation we are capable of.