5th Annual Motor Insurance Telematics Conference

Motor Insurance Telematics is becoming more and more popular and generates increased interest from year to year as rapidly developing technologies open up new opportunities for insurance companies and their clients.

The 5th Annual Motor Insurance Telematics Conference by Uniglobal will address these opportunities as well as challenges by bringing together leading motor insurance telematics professionals to discuss how to increase profitability and reduce costs; improve business processes and their effectiveness; maximise competitive advantage in the telematics market and gain the customer loyalty.

Attendees of the conference will have an opportunity to discuss a variety of interesting topics such as: role of blockchain in the connected vehicle ecosystem, new products development, evolving smartphone solutions, cyber security issues, effective data acquisition and management, autonomous vehicles and complications of insurance coverage, electric cars and car sharing, tailor-made offers for fleet, factors of growth acceleration in the market, opportunities for auto manufacturers, data monetization and data brokers, integration of AI and ML into the claims process, data standardization and GDPR.

The 5th Annual Motor Insurance Telematics Conference will take place in Vienna on 7-8 November 2019.