10th Global Health Insurance Conference

Digital technology boosts growth opportunities for health insurance operations in the long term. Most global health insurers are expected to harness the power of Big Data analytics to eliminate inefficiencies, make insight-backed decisions and design new products and services that can be profitable. Wearables, telehealth, mobile payments, data-security and other cutting-edge technologies will play a huge role in the global insurance market.

No doubt, the ubiquitous adoption of digital technologies means new opportunities for additional premiums, improved customer experience, better risk selection, boosting loss prevention, and increasing governance. In order to compete, insurance companies must find a way to access and process telemetric data from devices and sensors, stream real-time data from social media and monitor data retrieved from wearables in the public and industrial domain.

10th Global Health Insurance conference will gather together top industry professionals to share the cutting edge practice strategies on pricing and cost containment, cover innovative trends on InsurTech, blockchain technology, connected health, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security, Robotics and speak on how to prepare for technology and disruption wave hitting the health insurance industry today.

This top-notch meeting is an opportunity for attendees to share their success, challenges, main concerns and new ideas in a comfortable, yet focused business setting.