4th Cyber Insurance Summit 2019

Wouldn’t YOU want to be at Asia leading Cyber Insurance event, where key players in the Cyber Insurance market congregate to analyze on the evolving liability landscape as well as discussing on strategic frameworks to overcome challenges brought about by an absence of a standard coverage language?

Well, if your answer to the above is YES, then the 4th Cyber Insurance Summit 2019 will be the event for you!

Taking place in Hong Kong, from 26th to 29th March 2019, the annual summit proudly brought to you by Equip Global, aims to discuss some of the most prominent Developments and Opportunities driving the Cyber Insurance industry across Asia, such as how you can conduct a Risk Modelling Framework to Map the Cause of Losses to the Unique Coverage Frameworks, understand recent cyber insurance claim trends in the market and their implications for your business unit, overcoming data analysis challenges so that you can more effectively evaluate Limit Adequacy of Cyber Insurances for Businesses and more!

On top of that, our specially curated speakers will also be identifying the Top Cyber Risks faced by corporates in Asia, and how you can develop Cyber Insurance Policies which respond to this Constantly Evolving Cyber Threat Environment.

Equip Global’s “Cyber Insurance Summit 2019” is the excellent platform for professionals involved in the Cyber Insurance sector, to learn from and Thrive in This Ever-Changing Liability Landscape. Expect to hear from Asia’s Leading Cyber Insurance Providers as they share on their valuable insights as to how you can better help businesses understand the Risks, Policy Costs and Potential Value of your Cyber Insurance Policy. Definitely an event NOT TO BE MISSED!

Key takeaways from attending the Cyber Insurance Summit 2019:

  • Demystifying Cyber Insurance Coverage by Learning how you can Perform effective Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis for your Prospects/Clients
  • Recognizing the Shared Responsibility Between the Cloud vendor and Cloud Consumer in times of a Security Failure and Liability and their implications for you as a Cyber Insurance Provider
  • Understanding how the Cyber Liability Insurance and Can Benefit the Different Client Categories – Explaining the Differences in First Party and Third Party Coverage
  • Devising a Strategic Framework to Overcome Challenges Brought about by an Absence of a Standard Coverage Language
  • Hear Case Studies on how you can overcome Customer Segmentation & Underwriting Challenges faced by Cyber Insurance Providers
  • Identifying Top Cyber Risks in Asia – How can you Develop Cyber Insurance Policies Respond to this Constantly Evolving Cyber Threat Environment?
  • Determining the Coverage Needs Through Benchmarking and Quantifying the Business’ Specific Risks
  • Developing an effective Risk Modelling Framework to Map the Cause of Losses to theUnique Coverage Frameworks
  • Analyzing Recent Cyber Insurance Claim Trends from Industry, Carrier and Internal Broker Databases to Evaluate Limit Adequacy of a Cyber Insurance for Businesses
  • From the Clients’ Perspective - Understanding the Key Considerations When Purchasing a Cyber Insurance, What Seals the Deal?