Sent on May 29, 2018

Newsletter ITN

This Newsletter has been sent by Digital Tech S.r.l. for explaining how this informational portal collects and processes the personal data of its users, pursuant to the new EU Regulation no. 2016/679 concerning the protection personal data (GDPR), fully applicable from 25 May 2018.

Digital Tech S.r.l. shall act as the Data Controller and thus will be responsible for the collection, processing, and use of the personal data, and shall protect them fully complying with the aforementioned regulation and purposes for which they have been collected.

We invite the users to read the Privacy Policy in order to understand how and why their own data are used, and what are their rights on the use of such data.

Should the user not intend to receive further communications from the Company, he or she may cancel his or her subscription by clicking on the link below. The users may also exercise their right to cancel their account at any time in the future, and all the rights described in the aforementioned Privacy Policy.