Sent on March 02, 2016

Insurance Goes Digital: What Modern Technology Means for Distribution and Competition
01 MAR 2016 | FC Business Intelligence has compiled a free white paper that focuses on new ways of distributing insurance from the perspectives of three experts from Hiscox, AXA MATRIX and Allstate. They are also slated to speak at the Insurance Marketing & Distribution Summit USA 2015 on November 18-19 2015 in Chicago.
Goodbye, Google Compare: Which Startups Are Competing In Car Insurance Comparison?
26 FEB 2016 | In March 2015, Google officially entered the US insurance market to much fanfare with launch of its auto insurance comparison engine, Google Compare. Less than a year later, Google has announced that it is pulling the plug, according to media reports. While Google Compare had partnered with existing comparison sites in the US to power the platform, including CoverHound and Admiral Group-owned, the site reportedly was not “generating substantially more revenue than standard search ads for such products.” The move will affect Google’s partners: Google Compare, for example, was bringing in 10% of CoverHound’s business.
The InsurTech start-ups to watch in 2016
26 FEB 2016 | In the twelve months since Insurance Age launched #FinTechFutures, the digital insurance landscape is a very different one to what we faced in January 2015. With this in mind, Age has rebadged #FinTechFutues as #InsurTechFutures, to give it a greater focus on what is going on closer to home; and reflect that insurance is very much in favour when it comes to somewhere innovators - both internal and external - are willing to hang their hat.
Lemonade P2P Insurance Startup Names Dan Ariely Chief Behavioral Officer
25 FEB 2016 | In recent years new C-level titles have proliferated, including chief data scientist and chief customer officer. Lemonade (New York), the soon-to-launch peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance startup, is breaking new ground through the appointment of a Chief Behavioral Officer. Touted as another aspect of how Lemonade is seeking to transform the insurance industry, the company has announced the appointment of Dan Ariely to the new post. A professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, Ariely is also the author of New York Times bestsellers Predictably Irrational, The Upside of Irrationality, and The Honest Truth about Dishonesty.
The Most Well-Funded Insurance Tech Startups
24 FEB 2016 | As more venture capital investors turn their eye to disrupting the global insurance industry, annual funding to the insurance tech startups has already tripled in growth in 2015 year-to-date. But a handful of companies have amassed considerably bigger war chests than the rest. We used CB Insights data to highlight the five most well-funded insurance tech startups, below. Four of them are operating in the health insurance space, including software-enabled health insurance broker Zenefits, employer-provided insurance platform Collective Health, and tech-driven health insurer Oscar Health. Together, the five have raised $2.5B in aggregate funding to date.
Hiscox launches e-trading platform
23 FEB 2016 | Hiscox has launched Hiscox Trader, a new e-trading platform for UK commercial insurance brokers. The insurer stated that the offering, in partnership with insurance technology specialists Open GI London, comes after a successful pilot programme. It detailed that the cloud-based technology enables brokers to give customers an indication of price for a wide range of Hiscox products in a matter of seconds, and a full quote in a matter of minutes.
Innovation Blog: The Hype Cycle of Insurance Disruption
22 FEB 2016 | In this blog, Bught By Many chief marketing officer Sam Gilbert discusses the trends in insurance technology and how the passage of time impacts upon digital's adoption in the industry. The research firm Gartner has a great model for showing the relative maturity of different technologies. It's called the hype cycle, and it looks like (...)
Insurance Customer Experience Innovation: 5 Disruptive Examples
22 FEB 2016 | Today, virtually every industry is ripe for disruption. The $3.7 trillion insurance industry is no exception. In many ways a perceptually commoditized business, those companies that win – like the famously customer centric USAA – are those that create differentiation through the experiences they deliver, and the ways their customers feel as a result. Yet USAA and a handful of others like it are the exception. As most established companies tend to move slowly to use their current size, information and resource advantage to better serve their customers, smart entrepreneurs and the start-ups they run are attacking the insurance business with innovative customer experiences that drive value and solve problems.
Leading Reinsurers Line Up for Lemonade, the P2P Insurer
19 FEB 2016 | Lemonade, the startup peer-to-peer insurance carrier that has raised $13 million in initial funding, announced a line-up of global reinsurance partners, including Berkshire Hathaway and leading Lloyd’s of London syndicates. Lemonade set records with its initial funding by Sequoia and Aleph, followed by its announcement that four senior insurance executives from ACE and American International Group (AIG) had joined its ranks.
Zenefits Founder Parker Conrad Resigns After Compliance Failures
19 FEB 2016 | Parker Conrad has resigned as CEO of Zenefits, following a number of regulatory compliance failures at the richly valued human resources startup he co-founded, according to an email sent to employees on Monday. David Sacks, the chief operating officer, who formerly was an executive at PayPal and Yammer, is taking over as CEO. Zenefits also named Joshua Stein, a former federal prosecutor who is a vice president of legal affairs at the company, as its chief compliance officer. Sacks attributed Conrad’s departure to compliance failures by the startup.
Online insurance platform Turtlemint raises venture capital from Nexus, Blume
18 FEB 2016 | Online insurance platform Turtlemint has raised an undisclosed amount from Nexus Venture Partners and Blume Ventures. Turtlemint follows an online-offline model and provides recommendations to customers based on proprietary algorithms and data analytics, and offers a network of offline facilitators to help complete the insurance purchase and provide claims assistance.
Insurance Gets a Mobile Makeover: 22 Startups Providing Mobile-Centric Insurance Tech
18 FEB 2016 | Amid the broader boom in insurance tech, startups in policy management, claims, just-in-time buying, and usage-based car insurance are rethinking the insurance industry in a mobile-first world. Many of these startups are providing a central app to manage personal insurance policies and premiums.
Microinsurance: From little acorns
18 FEB 2016 | Microinsurance is expanding but it needs to grow beyond just provision of life cover – what are insurers’ strategies in these vast and largely untapped markets? [...]
2016 insurance innovation trends: my predictions
23 FEB 2016 | In 2016, insurers will be investing in two macro areas,Connected Insurance and InsurTech, according to Bain & Company’s Matteo Carbone. They will be spurred on by the arrival of newcomers in the insurance value chain and by the need for greater integration of user experience and data sources.
Insurance as a Service: how Ageas, AIG and Mapfre use IoT for customer engagement
02 MAR 2016 | ‘IaaS’ or Insurance as a Service could just be the next big thing. Providing customer services that align with the digital age and modern convenience are fundamental to insurers. But, how do we turn this pipedream into a reality?
Connected Car Insurance Europe 2016
12 APR 2016 | This is the largest and most comprehensive forum in Europe dedicated to connected car insurance. With over 400 attendees from across 25+ countries globally and 50+ executives speakers, this event will address the technological challenges and new business models to impact the motor insurance industry as it converges with the connected car.
Conference and Exhibition Insurance Telematics Canada 2016
28 APR 2016 | Now in its 3rd year, Insurance Telematics Canada is the only event in Canada dedicated to the intersection between auto tech and insurance. This year’s edition will focus on the new considerations for automotive insurers working in an increasingly tech-based industry, including data analytics, value added services, and insuring a new range of ownerless and flexible mobility services.