Sent on September 30, 2015

The Future Healthcare Insurance
30 SEP 2015 | The healthcare systems worldwide are changing as the digital health is slowly (but surely) taking over. Old infrastructures powered by antiquated systems, “fuelled” by a “keep it alive” mentality, are being replaced as we become more aware, more proactive. The younger generation is no longer “hoping” for happy and eventless, final years of life. We are expecting longer, active lives and more important, in perfect, healthy conditions. We have shifted from passive to active gear. We took control.
Insurance Tech Startups Are Invading the Multi-Trillion Dollar Insurance Industry
29 SEP 2015 | From policy-comparison engines to tech-enabled health coverage and insurance tools for on-demand workers and use cases, startups are invading the multi-trillion dollar insurance industry — and investors are chasing them. Here's a brief rundown of what's happening in the world of insurance tech startups. Companies targeting the insurance tech space raised $2.12B since 2010, a whopping $1.39B of which has come since the start of 2014. 2015 is already the biggest year on record for insurance tech, as the chart below highlights, spurred by Zenefits’ huge $500M round.
LifeQuote expects protection to use health tracking data
28 SEP 2015 | The protection portal and administration service from DirectLife said it is therefore reviewing how best to capture health tracking data from the likes of the Apple watch or FitBit. No no protection insurer writing UK business uses individuals' health tracking to price policies at outset, although engagement with the Vitality program during the policy term can certainly reduce premiums, LifeQuote has said. However, when the market starts to integrate it into their underwriting, it will require standardised formats in order to be used for pricing comparisons.
The 5 Cornerstones of Insurance Digital Advantage
25 SEP 2015 | Everyone is talking about the digital experience, but what does it really mean to go digital? Miles Suer recently took up this question, briefly exploring the digital journey being undertaken by an unnamed insurance carrier. The 100-year-old carrier recognized that it needed to ramp up its digital footprint to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive landscape. The company’s leaders were eyeing the encroachment of Internet players, and the specter of being disintermediated by these online services.
Emerging technologies in P&C Insurance: SMA Research report
25 SEP 2015 | It may be tempting think that technologies like 3D printing, driverless vehicles, artificial intelligence and advanced robotics won't impact the insurance industry for a long time, but think again. Your peers believe that many of these technologies deserve attention right now and that they have the potential to transform the P&C insurance industry as soon as three years from now. In response to a survey of 147 insurance professionals in North America, Strategy Meets Action (SMA), an insurance strategic advisory firm, has released a research report by Mark Breading, titled, "Emerging Technologies in P&C."
Seven emerging risk opportunities identified for insurance growth
24 SEP 2015 | Aon Benfield has identified seven emerging risks that present re/insurers with business opportunities over the next five to 10 years: US mortgage credit, the sharing economy, reputation and brand, microinsurance, corporate liability covers, terrorism cover and cyber risk. Speaking at Aon Benfield’s 14th Biennial Hazards Conference in Australia yesterday, Stephen Mildenhall, CEO of Aon Analytics...
Lumity Raises $14 Million To Help Employers Find Cheaper Health Plans Through Data
24 SEP 2015 | Two years before his startup Lumity would raise $14 million led by The Social+Capital Partnership and other top investors to be a new kind of health plan broker, Tariq Hilaly was a cofounder at a very different kind of startup with personal reasons to need to step down and some mounting health bills. As president of Motif Investing, a startup that helps everyday people invest in financial vehicles more typically the preserve of the retail investor...
Will fintech newcomers disrupt health and home insurance?
08 SEP 2015 | The integration of technology in the Insurance Company’s value proposition is turning out to be one of the main evolutionary trends in the sector, and the “digital” initiatives have been for a couple of years now one of the priorities of Insurance Groups. Until today though they have brought only limited improvement when it comes to the competition abilities of the Insurer. The best practices at international level show that in order to obtain concrete benefits, the innovation has to be directed towards clearly determined strategic objectives: that is by clearly identifying how the adoption of a technological solution may allow the company to make the most of the opportunity at hand or to solve a critical issue of their business.
Idea Insurance: Connected Health Insurance
21 SEP 2015 | As synthesized by Meg Whitman (CEO at Hewlett-Packard), ‘we’re now living in an Idea Economy, where the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service has never been easier’.[1] This impact is pervasive on all industries, and a company has to achieve enough agility to respond to market opportunities and threats, and quickly turn ideas into reality. For some years now, ‘digital’-driven projects have become a priority for all insurance groups. Here, the term ‘digital’ refers to several important aspects, starting with a digitalized customer experience, which is completed by digital/technological processes aimed at improving relationships with the clients, and with the mid-term objective of maximizing the single client’s profitability.
Healt Insurance Summit
07 OCT 2015 | 3° Annual Edition