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Octo Telematics Link Program Connects Consumers and Insurers
22 NOV 2016 | Octo Telematics, a London-based provider of telematics services, has launched The Octo Link Program, which provides a cross-industry platform for what the vendor calls simple and secure sharing of driver telematics data, enabling direct communications between the two parties.
Healthcare in 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
22 NOV 2016 | It was just recently announced that health insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces are expected to increase rather substantially in 2017. This is the result of a number of factors, including significant losses by insurers in the market and the phasing out of the ACA reinsurance program.
Emerging tech like artificial intelligence and robotics need better governance to realize full potential
22 NOV 2016 | Not an event goes by without us talking about the impact of technology, and terms like IoT (internet of things), cloud, big data, AI (artificial intelligence) are widely touted as being the ‘next big things’. For example, we talk about billions of connected devices enabling smart decisions, or robots taking over many types of jobs in the future, or how artificial intelligence will solve lots of complex challenges.
9 AI Technologies Insurers Should Know
21 NOV 2016 | Artificial intelligence is the newest ‘big thing’ in data management, but defining just what AI is isn’t so easy. As it turns out, there are at least nine significant technologies that make up this complex topic. [This gallery originally appeared on INN sister brand Information Management.]
Blockchain is “made for reinsurance”, a $10 billion opportunity: PwC
21 NOV 2016 | Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, was “made for reinsurance,” according to PwC, and could represent a cost saving opportunity of up to $10 billion as companies look to increase efficiency and understand what the development of insurtech means for their business.
How insurers are reacting to insurtech opportunities
18 NOV 2016 | Insurers have been debating how to make use of opportunities offered by insurtech to make their processes more efficient and create more competitive products at a November 16 Intelligent InsurTech Europe conference in London.
In China, online bargain hunters, burned by subpar goods, begin to insure their purchases
17 NOV 2016 | Alibaba Group’s Singles Day online shopping festival is a 24-hour spree full of tantalizing deals on electronics, clothing, and cosmetics. It’s been held annually on November 11 since 2009. Shoppers place pre-orders on the eBay-like shopping platform weeks before the big day and eagerly await the official opening at midnight.
5 Questions: Arlene Kern, Munich Re
17 NOV 2016 | In September, Munich Re announced a partnership with Trov, a digital platform that allows customers to insure certain personal items. Policies are purchased via the Trov mobile app, and can cover a range of products for a range of time periods. Arlene Kern, SVP and strategic innovation leader for the insurer, spoke to INN about the emergence of new data- and mobile-powered insurance models.
The app that brings transparency between insurers and clients
17 NOV 2016 | Threat or opportunity for the insurance industry? Wherever you stand on the issue of insurtech, there is no denying that innovations are coming and that insurers and brokers alike need to be on top of the changes or risk being left behind.
Big data is the money maker in the IoT
16 NOV 2016 | Their point of view was that the main source of income in the IoT might derive from value added services that can be generated through such devices. But they also added that customers might not be willing to pay for such technologies! If I have a free App to locate my car, I will not pay even a single penny to my insurance company to track the location of my vehicle through their black box device.
Top 10 U.S. reinsurance companies
16 NOV 2016 | Although reinsurance is an unknown aspect of the insurance industry to many, its roots can be traced as far back as the late 14th century, according to the Washington-based Reinsurance Association of America.
How to sell micro insurance and improve insurance value chain management? These two startups have the answer
09 NOV 2016 | At the moment incumbents still rule the insurance world because of capital, infrastructure, knowledge of the sector and its customers and so on. Precisely because of that, established companies should be ready and very much capable of maximizing the value of solutions put forward by insurtech startups – which are plenty and resourceful but usually lack in deep knowledge about the insurance sector, legal barriers and are dependent on funding. Whether it’s risk reduction, cost optimization or context based pricing, the advantages should be by now more clear for incumbents so we expect to see more proactiveness from their part.
Auto insurance telematics: the way to a loyal customer
07 NOV 2016 | Seventy eight percent of motorists are comfortable with the insurers using their driving behaviour data sourced from a fixed device or smartphone app to determine the price they pay for their insurance. In addition, sixty percent want to be rewarded in lower premiums if their driving data shows they do not use their phone while driving and want mobile phone use to be a top consideration for insurers setting premiums at point of quote.
The Digital Insurer Asia Conference
23 NOV 2016 | The Digital Insurer Conference 2016 is a one-day event hosted by The Digital Insurer. The purpose is to bring our community in Asia together to educate and inform on innovative strategy employed by experts in digital insurance. Hear the latest ideas, discuss the issues and meet like-minded enthusiasts for digital insurance. Main topics include "Breaking the mold with new digital products and digital distribution", "IoT, telematics and assistance services", "Blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence" and a showcase with the finalists in the InsurTech Start-Up award categories.
Connected Claims Europe, London
28 NOV 2016 | Connected Claims Europe (November 28-29, London) is a two-day event bringing together 150+ insurance executives from across Europe, including the likes of AIG, Allianz, Zurich, Mapfre, Aviva and more to explore innovation for claims, place the customer at the heart of claims operations and drive forward strategies for both cost-efficacy and efficiency. Find out more at:

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