Sent on October 14, 2015

Telematics based Car Insurance from Discovery
14 OCT 2015 | To fulfil their commitment to encouraging a nation of great drivers, Discovery Insure launched the Vitalitydrive program in 2011. The Vitalitydrive program enables Vitality to track their customers’ driving behaviour and rewards good drivers with a lower premium, a discount on gas and real-time emergency assistance. Vitalitydrive uses a piece of hardware, DQ-Track, a telematics device that was developed in collaboration with Ctrack, to create a scientific measure of customers’ driving behaviour.
How to Embed a Culture of Innovation
12 OCT 2015 | It may have a reputation for conservatism, but the insurance industry is no stranger to innovation. If we look back through history, we see that insurance has driven innovation in crime prevention, firefighting, occupational health, road safety, healthcare, climate change, and many other areas of society. There’s also room for innovation in how the industry conducts its business and serves customers, particularly through the adoption of technology like data science, telematics and predictive analytics.
Internet of Things: A Transformational Force for the Insurance Industry
09 OCT 2015 | The Internet of Things (IoT) is the third wave in the development of the Internet, following the development of Internet connectivity for desktops and then mobile devices. IoT is making everyday objects smarter and more connected. Although the adoption of this networking technology has been slow, companies that have incorporated IoT technologies have experienced soaring profits and enhanced efficiency. Due to the ability of the Internet of Things to collect and report real-time data in a healthcare, business, and industrial environment, it is projected to revolutionize the way we perceive things.
Aviva calls on brokers to keep up on digital
09 OCT 2015 | Aviva has called on the insurance sector and brokers to embrace digital solutions and "move to digital at the same pace as customers". Ian Ferguson, customer solutions and digital director, explained that Aviva is working on developing a range of digital solutions for its customers in order to embrace a "customer first" philosophy. He told Insurance Age that brokers need to be keeping up and providing digital platforms as fast as the customers want them.
On Insurers’ Slow, Sure Progress to Digital: Q&A with Novarica’s Matt Josefowicz | Insurance Innovation Reporter
09 OCT 2015 | Novarica’s U.S. INSURER IT BUDGETS AND PROJECTS study 2016 affirms that insurers are estimated to be spending as much on data and digital initiatives as core systems (Novarica Survey Suggests Insurance IT Spending Nearing Digital Tipping Point). However, as Novarica’s president and CEO Matthew Josefowicz noted to us in a recent exchange, data/digital and core systems investments are complementary rather than competitive. We asked Josefowicz to talk about what the latest findings say about the status of insurers’ digital journey, and we share that exchange below.
The Future of Telematics Is... Italy
09 OCT 2015 | The black box used for telematics makes it possible for insurers to enrich their auto insurance value proposition by adding services built upon data. These services represent a way of de-commoditizing the car insurance policy and are also a source of income. In the medium/long term, such services will become more and more important as the risks covered by car insurance decrease because of technological progress on security and connected cars. These services also increase the number of interactions with the client, creating a richer connection and improving customer satisfaction. This is true both for Italy and at an international level.
Insurance Industry Can Solve Cyber
08 OCT 2015 | Before explaining the basis for the strong statement in the headline, it’s necessary to redefine what “solve” means. After all, we live in a world where the myth of impenetrability was long ago debunked, where there are no silver bullet technology solutions and where continued cyber events are as certain as the sun rising tomorrow. Anybody who knows anything about cyber is likely thinking, “It’s impossible to solve cyber risk!” But what if we redefine “solve” as: “to provide security leaders and firms with an accurate picture of their cyber exposure, with the ability to effectively manage the risk and with resiliency when an event happens.”
The Problem With Telematics
08 OCT 2015 | When I attended the Insurance Telematics USA conference in Chicago earlier this month, I expected to see much more enthusiasm. I first wrote about Progressive’s venture into telematics all the way back in the late 1990s, and technology has improved so much since then that the telematics industry would surely be bragging about its breakout into the mainstream or at least predicting that one was imminent. The idea just makes so much sense: being able to track cars so that insurance risks can be determined very precisely for individual drivers, while even providing feedback that improves driving.
Telematics and insurance risk selection
09 OCT 2015 | The use of the blackbox for insurance risk selection was one of the first drivers that help spread the motor insurance telematics solutions, but this approach is now taking new and innovative forms
An italian startup allows Insurance Companies to compete with Oscar, the innovative US-based company worth 2 US bilion dollars
13 OCT 2015 | DigitalTech – the company that develops and manages mobile platforms –after successfully launching Consiglio dal Medico, the first App which allows customers to interact with a network of physicians, is now expanding its activities to include a broader range of medical and wellbeing services.
Telematics Brazil & LATAM 2015
19 OCT 2015 | The Telematics Brazil and LATAM Conference & Exhibition will bring together the pioneers and innovators in Latin America to understand how to capitalise on low cost solutions and create solid business models that will increase profitability and drive the telematics market in the region.
TU-Automotive Japan
20 OCT 2015 | Automotive is one of the fastest changing and hottest tech areas. Automakers are evolving from heavy manufacturers to nimble technology companies: connectivity has been a linchpin of these changes. Having been dedicated to connecting key figures across the telematics ecosystem in Japan and beyond, TU-Automotive Japan 2015 will explore issues, opportunities and technologies in the connected car, autonomous vehicles and auto mobility.