Sent on January 06, 2016

Technology and insurance predictions for 2016
05 JAN 2016 | In recent years, we’ve seen major shifts and trends that point to where the insurance industry is headed long-term. Widespread adoption of mobile technologies is streamlining communication like never before, and unlike past years, the majority of insurance companies’ customer interactions are now happening online without ever speaking face-to-face.Insurance companies are also fully realizing telematics’ ability to collect accurate data about their customers, allowing for innovative new programs based on previously uncollectible real-time data.
Top 5 Markets of 2015
05 JAN 2016 | There was no shortage of new products launched by the insurance industry in 2015. Cyber, a risk that has consistently seen a lot of activity over at least the last several years, continued to be on the top of the industry’s radar. Other segments insurers focused on included recreational boating, financial services, ridesharing and energy. Read on for a list of new products introduced in the top markets of 2015 sign-ups for 2016 rise to 8.5 million
05 JAN 2016 | (Bloomberg) — More than 8.5 million people have signed up for individual health plans through the public exchange enrollment system this year or had their coverage renewed, officials said Wednesday. The report tallies enrollees for 2016 coverage through Dec. 26 in 38 states that use the system, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) said. There was a Dec. 17 deadline for people to choose coverage that begins Jan. 1. About 8.3 million people had signed up through Dec. 19.
2016: The Year of Customer Contact
31 DEC 2015 | After a year of being inundated with news about the Internet of Things, Big Data, and customer relationship management, we will see a sea change in customer engagement in 2016. One of the great untold stories of 2015 was how companies handled customers and crises. The great lesson: A personal connection with customers is more important than ever before.
16 Insurance Tech Startups to Watch in 2016
31 DEC 2015 | An increasing number of technology startups are targeting the insurance industry with new approaches to industry problems. Here are 15 to watch next year.
List Of The Top 10+ Insurance Apps 2016
31 DEC 2015 | Insurance is not everyone’s idea, but some top nations are insisting that it can be a cool idea. Practically speaking all the giants in the insurance industry is offering mobile apps to their customers, which is good. This attracts more customers because filing claims becomes extremely convenient. With mobile apps, companies can improve overall process of insurance. Here are top 10 Insurance Apps 2016 – Android Apps that you must know about. Download Office 2016 App from the list.
How to be a 2016 challenger
30 DEC 2015 | Is it, “A new year, new challenges” or, “A new year, new opportunities?” Realistically, it’s both. But behind every challenge of this new year is an opportunity to overcome an obstacle and, perhaps, create a new revenue stream. At a recent industry conference I listened to Julian Aldridge, vice president of brand evangelism and activation at Charles Schwab, speak to a crowded floor.
Consiglio dal Medico - official service Partner of the Italy Malaysia Business Association
22 DEC 2015 | Consiglio dal Medico selected as official service Partner by the Italy Malaysia Business Association (IMBA) A collaboration between the Italy Malaysia Business Association (IMBA) and Consiglio dal Medico has been forged to give IMBA Members access to Consiglio dal Medico as part of their membership benefits.
Does Insurance as a Service (IaaS) work?
22 DEC 2015 | he black box makes it possible for Insurers to enrich their auto insurance value proposition by adding services built upon data provided by telematics. This is an element to be taken in consideration when evaluating the overall ROI of a telematics program. On the one hand, these services represent a way of de-commoditizing the car insurance policy and are also a source of income. On the medium/long term, this characteristic will become more and more important because of the de-risking trend in the MTPL business –due to the technological progress when it comes to security and connected cars.
The Insurance Summit 2016: Guardians of the Future
25 FEB 2016 | With the overall theme being “Insuring the Uninsured” the Insurance Summit 2016 will focus on the disruptive forces shaping the future of the industry and delve into the commercial and new growth opportunities arising from market consolidation and a closer alignment with the sustainable development agenda. Key topics and confirmed speakers include: The role of insurance as a risk manager in society Lise Kingo, Executive Director Global Compact, United Nations examines the findings of the “Insurance 2030” UN report. In order to provide universal access to insurance and prevent the uninsured from the impact of climate change and natural disasters, is there a need to establish Insurance Development Goals, in line with the UN’s SDGs? New opportunities through consolidation Bart de Smet, Chief Executive Officer, Ageas examines how western insurance companies can continue to grow through joint ventures and contextualises this with Ageas’ experience entering new markets particularly in Asia. Michel Khalaf, President EMEA, Metlife will present the company’s strategy for thriving in the Middle East and Africa. The evolution of risk through technology From the rapid spread of the Internet of Everything through to the Internet of Things and the rise of smart cities, driverless cars, and artificial intelligence, Maurice Tulloch, Chairman, Aviva Global General Insurance and Chief Executive Officer, Aviva UK and Florian Herzog, Chief Engineer and Founder, swissQuant will elaborate on what priorities should the insurance sector have in order to remain relevant and connected to its clients in a technological world? Who should attend: • Directors and senior business decision-makers responsible for business strategy, development, risk management, regulation, legal and marketing (COO, CTO, CRO) • Economists • Investment advisors • Insurance specialists/intermediaries • Fund Managers • Actuaries/Accountants/Auditors From industries including: General Insurance and Re-Insurance, Insurance Brokers, Life, Medical Insurance and Healthcare cover, Loss Adjusters & Claims Service providers, Specialists/intermediaries(accountants, actuaries, consultants, lawyers and software providers, Government and Regulators, policy makers, professional associations, academia, media Why attend the Insurance Summit 2016? • Learn about new growth prospects, where to find them and how to close the global protection gap • Challenge the adequacy of current business models and discover what the insurance company of the future looks like • Explore the opportunities consolidation offers and whether it will drive expansion into new markets • Gain insights on disruptive technologies that will transform the insurance industry • Discuss how to tackle climate change, foster sustainable development and the industry's relevance for these global endeavours Insurtech News subcribers are entitled to a 20% discount on the delegate registration fee of £995 + VAT. Contact me today for your booking code. Contact: Laurence Allen, Marketing Manager Email: Tel: 0044 (0) 207 576 8118 About Economist Events: Economist Events gather the world’s top thinkers to build insight and exchange views on the issues that define our world. With a uniquely global perspective, we create over 100 unusually high level and engaging live and virtual events each year. Our aim is to bring clarity to complex problems, inspire ideas and to help our audiences make better decisions.
Asia Conference on Big Data and Analytics for Insurance
27 FEB 2016 | The siren call of Big Data resounds throughout the globe. Data – big and small – now is at the heart of strategy development throughout industry as organisations seek new strategies in the pursuit of profit. The insurance industry sits on a rich vein of data, however unfortunately static, and historically under-exploited. In an increasingly data-driven business environment, it is time now for insurers to embark on the broader picture and leverage the insight it offers to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Is your organisation ready for that data journey?