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Scouting for the Top 21 – AI Startups Transforming the FinServ Value Chain: International Hunt Starts on MEDICI
08 MAR 2017 | In response to tremendous success of MEDICI Top 21 – Blockchain Award and MEDICI Top 21 – InsurTech Award, MEDICI, in partnership with one of the leading international insurance companies and Banks, and the LTP Team, is now launching the MEDICI Top 21 – AI Startups Transforming the FinServ Value Chain Award to identify and showcase the most innovative startups who are applying AI to bring beneficial transformation into the value chain of FinServ companies.
3 InsurTech Forces Driving Core System Strategies
07 MAR 2017 | InsurTech startups are leveraging the latest advances in machine learning, new big data sets, and IoT sensor data to drive fundamental changes to the insurance value chain and to change what insurers need from core processes and systems
Slower consumer spending, insurtech among factors weighing on Canadian insurance firms: Conference Board
06 MAR 2017 | Slower consumer spending on big-ticket insurable items, as well as an aging population, will weigh on the outlook for Canadian insurance firms, according the Conference Board of Canada’s first outlook for the insurance industry. Canadian Industrial Outlook: Insurance – Winter…
Insurtech futures: hood group launches connected home insurance pilot
06 MAR 2017 | Hood Group has begun testing a new connected home pilot programme designed to evaluate escape of water sensor technology and inform the development of new home insurance propositions. The broker said it is working in partnership with smart home provider, Lightwave, and will be running the pilot over the next two months.
Flying the flag for insurance
03 MAR 2017 | It’s a cold, grey morning when we meet Huw Evans at the Association of British Insurers’ (ABI) London headquarters. Coffee and tea are barely served before Evans has already spelt out the key challenges the ABI is facing – and, as he says, there are quite a few.
5 reasons why auto accidents are on the rise
03 MAR 2017 | According to the National Safety Council, traffic deaths increased 6 percent to 40,200 — the first time since 2007 that more than 40,000 have died in motor vehicle crashes in a single year. The 2016 total follows a 7 percent rise in 2015.
Investment Firm Sees Bright Future for New Player in Emerging InsurTech Space
02 MAR 2017 | Tuque is a new entrant to the emerging InsurTech space. Tuque is leveraging advanced technology and bringing a disruptive digital approach to personal and commercial insurance in Canada. At the same time Tuque will be introducing innovative insurance products to the Canadian marketplace. Tuque will officially launch in the first quarter of 2017.
Dedicated cyber insurance mart developing but cover is still modest
02 MAR 2017 | A dedicated cyber insurance market is developing fast, but the scale of cover, with capacity limits in the market today ranging from around US$5 million to US$100 million, is still relatively modest relative to potential exposure and some significant cyber- related risks remain largely uninsured, says Swiss Re in its latest sigma report.
Is Insurance Ready For Millennials?
01 MAR 2017 | Renters and homeowners insurance carrier Lemonade burst onto the scene last September with plans to “Uberize” the insurance industry – that is, to leverage the breadth of digital technologies, including big data, smartphones, and machine learning, to cater to consumers’ need for instantaneous service online.
Lemonade CEO details carrier’s plans to ‘Uberize’ insurance
01 MAR 2017 | Renters and homeowners insurance carrier Lemonade burst onto the scene last September with plans to “Uberize” the insurance industry – that is, to leverage the breadth of digital technologies, including big data, smartphones, and machine learning, to cater to consumers’ need for instantaneous service online.
Changing the Insurance Industry – the DMZ and Aviva Canada Launch an Insurtech Accelerator Program
01 MAR 2017 | Program for Canadian tech startups is now accepting applications TORONTO, February 28, 2017 – In response to the rise of Insurtech in the insurance industry, Aviva Canada and the DMZ at Ryerson University have launched an accelerator program for Canadian…
Neosurance Lands in Silicon Valley Determined to Win Access to the Exclusive Plug and Play Accelerator Program
02 MAR 2017 | An intense week spent with the young and very entrepreneurial team of Plug and Play and their corporate sponsors, the largest and most innovative insurers and reinsurers from all over the world, all looking to seize and steer the new revolutionary course which will change the insurance experience for good. The Insurtech disruption is real and tangible as the insurance value chain gains true and total customer centricity from distribution to claims payment in the machine learning and mobile digital era.
New funding and a bigger team for Neosurance with the entrance of Pietro Menghi and Matteo Carbone
20 FEB 2017 | As insurtech startups are slowly but surely expanding to cover more and more business categories, the US remains the indisputable leader with over 580 companies based on its territory. Hitting the peak in 2015 with 103 insurtech startups founded, the insurtech industry continues its growth – with a 340% growth in number of exists between 2011 and 2016 according to Venture Scanner.
Insurance Innovation 2017, Dubai
13 MAR 2017 | Dubai, U.A.E. | With a history of 6 successful annual events, the Middle East and Africa Insurance Summit, presents its 7th edition as - Insurance Innovation 2017, with a to inculcate innovation and regulated, digital transformation so as to be updated with the dynamic and ever-growing insurance sector. Rotating around the central theme of "Gateway to explore New Opportunities", this conference aims to engage in in-deapth discussion on progressive topics such as Insurance Aggregators, Telematics, InsurTech Options, Digital transformation, product innovation and much more.
Disruption, Innovation & InsurTech Summit – part of RiskMinds Insurance
13 MAR 2017 | Hotel Okura, Amsterdam | If you're interested in how InsurTech affects risk management, the Disruption, Innovation and InsurTech Summit it'is the perfect event for you. You'll hear directly from leading risk managers within the insurance industry. About how they're embracing change, harnessing disruption and innovating their business model in an increasingly digital world. What are they doing? How are they collaborating with InsurTech firms? Discover the answers to these burning questions and more. Quote VIP Code FKN2488ITNW for a 10% discount

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