Sent on April 13, 2016

Six new insurance distribution models are emerging as carriers seek to harness the huge potential of digital technology
13 APR 2016 | We’ve identified six new distribution models that insurers are implementing to harness the power of digital technology. They are: omni-channel customer experience; fully digital direct; beyond-insurance partnerships; small-ticket and affinity partnerships; connected insurance; and hyper-personalization and customer-centricity.
Insurtech futures: fca commits to innovation
12 APR 2016 | The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has formally announced that it is developing a ‘regulatory sandbox' which is a project designed to help financial services organisations test innovation with a reduced regulatory burden. Tracey McDermott, FCA acting CEO, explained: "The impact of technology is one of the fastest-evolving of this year's priority themes. In particular, the potential of technology to improve not only how products and services are designed, but also how they are distributed."
InsurTech Can Help Fix The Decline In Life Insurance
12 APR 2016 | No one disputes that life insurance ownership in the US has been on the decline for decades. The question up for debate is what to do about it. The emergence of an insurtech sector is an indicator of entrepreneur and investor confidence in upside potential. The hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into technology by carriers is another.
Wearables are already impacting the healthcare industry, and here’s how
11 APR 2016 | The advent of wearable technology has managed to turn just about everyone into their own physician — to a certain extent, at least. With the ubiquity of fitness trackers that promise to keep tabs on your heart rate, your sleep cycles, and your overall well-being, it’s no surprise that the healthcare industry has been one of the most heavily impacted by the wearable boom
Bitcoin, The Blockchain And The Future Of 'Decentralized' Conglomerates
11 APR 2016 | With the advent of blockchain technology and smart contracts, a new paradigm of global enterprises is quickly emerging. As organizations combine forces in innovative ways, a new form of partnership called a Decentralized Conglomerate is now touted as being the “cutting-edge method” of building communities and establishing diversity in the marketplace. It’s a brave new world – if it wasn’t already before.
Insurance Customer Experience Innovation: 5 Disruptive Examples
07 APR 2016 | Today, virtually every industry is ripe for disruption. The $3.7 trillion insurance industry is no exception. In many ways a perceptually commoditized business, those companies that win – like the famously customer centric USAA – are those that create differentiation through the experiences they deliver, and the ways their customers feel as a result.
Eight startups aiming to transform the Life Insurance business #Insurtech
07 APR 2016 | Photo Credit: This is part two of research by guest author Amy Radin on the Life Insurance business. In Part 1 last week, Amy outlined the fundamental business issues behind the decline in Life I…
Why life insurers are saddling up to Silicon Valley
06 APR 2016 | The words “venture capital” usually call to mind California-domiciled firms that dominate the VC space. The marquee names in the arena —Accel Partners, Benchmark Capital, Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital and others — regularly make headlines with investments in Silicon Valley firms that are blazing new paths in the tech world.
Transforming Insurance: Insurance 2.0 and the Evolution of Distribution
06 APR 2016 | At American Family Ventures, we believe changes to insurance will happen in three ways – incrementally, discontinuously over the near term, and discontinuously over the long term. We reference each of these changes in the context of a ‘version’ of insurance, respectively, “Insurance 1.1,” “Insurance 2.0,” and “Insurance 3.0.” The incremental changes of “Insurance 1.1” will improve the effectiveness or efficiency of existing workflows, or create new workflows that are substantially similar to existing ones.
10 Reasons Why InsurTech Is Going to Be Important
06 APR 2016 | Technology spending in the global insurance industry is estimated to be around $189 billion. By 2019, the spending industry is expected to reach $205 billion. The IT spending ratio of insurance companies as a percentage of premiums has not changed to a great extent. Insurance companies currently spend about 3.8% of their direct written premium on information technology.
The Industries That Are Being Disrupted the Most by Digital
06 APR 2016 | We’re at a critical time for the digital economy. Digital is no longer the shiny front end of the organization – it’s integrated into every aspect of today’s companies. As digital technologies continue to transform the economy, many leaders are struggling to set a digital strategy, shift organizational structures, and remove the barriers that are keeping them from maximizing the potential impact of new digital technologies.
Insurers Get Busy In Tech Startup Investing In 2016
06 APR 2016 | As more insurers including Aviva, XL Catlin, and Guardian Life launch investment arms, tech startup dealmaking by insurance firms is on pace for a record high in 2016, according to CB Insights data. In the first three months of 2016, insurers completed nearly 20 deals. The same set of insurers completed just 8 deals over the same period last year. Interestingly, while insurers previously shied away from tech startups working directly in the insurance value chain, 2016 has seen several strategic investments by carriers into insurance tech startups.
We have the framework
16 MAR 2016 | In Italy, this transformation is exemplified by the adoption of vehicle telematics. According to the latest IVASS data, black box became an integral part of 15.5% of new policies and renewals during the third quarter of 2015. Auto #insurance #telematics mainstream in Italy: penetration >15% [Click to Tweet] The insurance sector is now seeing the same dynamics already experienced inmany other sectors, including financial services: with startups and other tech firms innovating one or more steps of the value chain traditionally belonging to financial institutions. InsurTech has seen investments of almost $2.65 billion coming in during 2015 compared with $0.74 billion in 2014. Similar to FinTech in 2015, it’s now InsurTech’s turn to define the elements to be included in the observance perimeter, this being a main point of debate among analysts.
Caught on camera: your customers on connected insurance
24 MAR 2016 | In the run up to the Insurance IoT Europe Summit, Insurance Nexus – a division on FC Business Intelligence - took to the streets of London to canvas public opinion about insurance. They caught six unsuspecting individuals who were willing to share their views on insurance and gauge their response on how connected things can help insurers give them better service.
International insurance fintech and innovation conference: DIA Barcelona
20 APR 2016 | DIA is dedicated to accelerating the crucial digital transformation of the industry. DIA is the first global community and two-day conference connecting change agents at insurance companies to fintech leaders. DIA Barcelona will feature two days full of insurtech innovations with an impact. Solutions that drive cost efficiency and boost customer engagement and revenue growth. DIA is the yearly shot of inspiration to speed up effective digital strategies at any insurance firm.
Conference and Exhibition Insurance Telematics Canada 2016
28 APR 2016 | Now in its 3rd year, Insurance Telematics Canada is the only event in Canada dedicated to the intersection between auto tech and insurance. This year’s edition will focus on the new considerations for automotive insurers working in an increasingly tech-based industry, including data analytics, value added services, and insuring a new range of ownerless and flexible mobility services.