Sent on May 11, 2016

A deluge of geolocation data is coming. Are you prepared?
11 MAY 2016 | Consumers have a love/hate relationship with sharing their location ― more precisely, sharing their geolocation. With services such as Facebook and Twitter, location sharing is “almost” a default option, whereas sites such as warn about the dangers of over-sharing our location information. Putting consumer interest in the sliding scale of “sharing too much” aside, for insurers, the relevance and importance of consumer geolocation data is undeniable.
Insurer customer satisfaction tied to online buying experience
10 MAY 2016 | If your company is a leader when it comes to online shopping, then the chances are good that you’re also seeing premium growth, according to the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study. The study measured auto insurance shopping, purchase behavior and satisfaction for customers who had recently purchased insurance online.
Dynamis – If Insurance, Then Blockchain
10 MAY 2016 | InsurTech’s hottest buzzwords are ‘blockchain’ and ‘Peer-to-Peer Insurance’. Throw in some more terms, like ‘Smart Contracts’ and ‘social fingerprints’, and what do you get? To find out, Rick Huckstep talks to Dynamis, the world’s “first” Peer-to-Peer Insurer on a blockchain
InsurTech- Why Insurance is next prime focus?
09 MAY 2016 | Before the advent of underwriting in London’s coffee houses in the 1600’s, civilizations used various mechanisms to provide financial protection within their communities. Since then, the business model of insurance has not seen any significant change in 50-plus years (until the arrival of internet), and this is due to several key factors, including:
What Comes After Big Data?
09 MAY 2016 | The force of transformation in our technological age is undeniable, unpredictable, rapid and without controls to slow or stop. No industry can freeze a convenient moment in time when its commodity has high value that is safe from competitive disruption and in perfect alignment with technology. Any and every business can be blindsided by a [...]
Robo-Advisors: High End of Mass Market Benefits Most
06 MAY 2016 | (Bloomberg) -- According to a new survey from the CFA Institute, Wall Street is getting a bit worried about fintech replacing its jobs. The majority of respondents, which included more than 3,000 chartered financial analysts around the world, view asset management as the industry most at risk from disruption by financial technology. Fifty-four percent of respondents said the sector would feel the biggest changes, followed by banking, securities, and insurance.
Positive Online Claims Experiences Can Build Customer Loyalty
06 MAY 2016 | In the digital age, going online to shop, pay your bills, and do business is the norm. Internet usage and smartphone ownership have risen sharply in the last few years, especially in advanced economies like the U.S. and Europe. More than 87 percent of adults use the Internet daily and more than 68 percent own a smartphone, according to Pew Global research.
How Blockchain Fits in the New On-Demand Insurance Ecosystem
06 MAY 2016 | Blockchain has the potential to disrupt and drive monumental shifts in the way customer and insurers interact. For the uninitiated, Blockchain is the underlying architecture beneath the digital currency bitcoin that allows all parties to reach a consensus using a series of distributed ledgers that enable trusted interactions to occur without requiring central control.
The insurance industry's new policy: Get digital
05 MAY 2016 | It's taken a while, but the insurance industry is waking up to the opportunities – and threats – posed by technology and how it may upend traditional business models.
Insurance brokerage is broken
05 MAY 2016 | I’ve worked on a number of projects over the past year as an MBA Associate with the General Catalyst team. One of my principal areas of focus has been a deep dive into the emerging field of insurance technology startups, piggybacking GC’s early work in the space with investments like Oscar Health, TrueMotion, Gusto, Super, Livongo and Freebird.
Insurtech Check-In: 9 More Disruptive Startups
05 MAY 2016 | The insurance technology startup boom shows no signs of slowing down. Insurance Networking News is committed to introducing insurers to the nascent companies promising to shake up the industry. Read on for more
Swiss Re announces InsurTech startup accelerator program in India
04 MAY 2016 | Swiss Re has announced the launch of its corporate InsurTech accelerator to help startups develop business solutions that could revolutionise the way (re)insurance conducts business. The accelerator is a program managed by Kyron.
Thought provoking insurance IoT discussions
06 MAY 2016 | Privacy, security, standardisation, connectivity… these are all concerns affecting the uptake of IoT in insurance. Insurers understand the value of IoT for their business but there are some major obstacles in their way to making it mainstream. Recently, FC Business Intelligence sat down with four big wigs from the Internet of Things Privacy Forum, Bain & Company, Groupama and Swiss Re and asked them what keeps them up at night when thinking about IoT adoption.
Data and analytics in the fight against fraud with QBE Insurance
20 APR 2016 | FC Business Intelligence recently got in touch with Rob Smith-Wright, SIU Claims Manager at QBE Insurance to hear how they’re using data and analytics in the fight against fraud. This is your chance to get clued up on how one of the world’s foremost insurers is utilising analytics to hunt down the fraudsters that target your organisation.
Telematics Berlin 2016
17 MAY 2016 | Europe's Leading Connected Car Data Event - Steering Innovation from Dashboard to Boardroom Using the 'Silicon Valley of Europe' as its hub, Telematics Berlin brings together key industry innovators, leading OEMs and other important players from across the automotive value chain to discuss the current and future effects of data in the connected car. In short, for all your car data questions - Telematics Berlin is THE must attend events.
Insurance IoT Europe Summit
07 JUN 2016 | Insurance IoT Europe is the only customer built event created specifically to discuss the applications of connected devices in the insurance industry in 2016. The conference will evaluate business-critical topics on how to devise a business plan as real-time data and usage-based insurance models will completely overhaul the way that insurers evaluate risk and connect to their customers. As an extension to the dramatic change that new digital and analytics solutions have made for insurers, IoT is the new terrain to watch this year. Download the Brochure to find out why this is a must-attend event for your 2016 calendar!