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A look into the future: Here are 5 fictitious insurtech startups that might become the real deal by 2025
31 JAN 2017 | Don’t you wish these startup ideas were real by now? 2016 was the year of fintech and insurtech in Asia. Over the course of the year, I spent a lot of my time building insurance value propositions in Asia, delving deeply into the potential future of insurtech in this region.
Insurtech futures: questgates launches cyber investigation service
31 JAN 2017 | Loss adjuster QuestGates has launched a cyber investigation service to help with claims relating to hacking, virus attacks, phishing, cyber extortion to loss of data or intellectual property, business interruption, third party loss or damage arising from a cyber attack. The organisation said it had assembled a team of experts in first and third party claims in the technology, telecoms, energy and media sectors to assist client in areas of cyber risk.
Lemonade Will Open the Kimono on Insurtech Operations
31 JAN 2017 | Insurtech company Lemonade has decided to do a “full frontal” and open the Kimono on their operations. The growing Insurtech startup said they were going to overcompensate on their mission to transform insurance from a necessary evil into a social good. If there is one criticism we have heard about Lemonade is that people want to know the details as to how they are digitally managing insurance and why they are superior to your local / hometown insurance agent you have lunch with at Rotary.
European Commission Launches Internal Task Force on Fintech
30 JAN 2017 | Rapid technological advancements, including in areas such as processing and storage capacity, cloud computing, social networking and platform technologies, artificial intelligence, and mobile and distributed ledger technologies (including blockchain), have all led to a huge increase in the number of companies, both established and start-up, providing or developing solutions to provide online financial services to customers, as well as consumer acceptance of these new ways of doing business.
Munich Re America Names Mozeika to New Insurtech Post
30 JAN 2017 | Munich Reinsurance America has created a new strategic position in its Reinsurance Division to help clients seize opportunities resulting from the rapidly developing field of insurtech. Robert Mozeika will assume the new role as innovation executive. Steve Levy, president, Reinsurance Division, noted that Munich Re US. has a presence in Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs around the world and has developed relationships with key players and startups in insurtech.
New insurtech Ladder is digitizing life insurance
27 JAN 2017 | The US insurtech sector has grown far more quickly than its UK and European counterparts, mostly due to the size of its insurance market and its high costs. Now, another US insurtech is stepping in to make one of the most expensive forms of insurance more accessible, according to press releases seen by and interviews conducted by BI Intelligence.
JLT's Mark Wood on why brokers must keep up with insurtech
27 JAN 2017 | ‘Insurtech´ has been a buzzword in the insurance sector for a few years now, but how many of us have truly woken up to the opportunities that exist for the insurance market within the technology sector? For those who are unfamiliar with the meaning of insurtech, it refers to how the insurance sector is using technology to produce new and innovative ways to deliver efficiency and savings out of the current...
Growing insurance consortium eyes industry-wide blockchain
26 JAN 2017 | ZURICH: A consortium set up to explore the use of blockchain technology in the insurance industry plans to announce several new members in the coming weeks, and by 2018 could create an organisation to manage contracts and claims, an executive involved told Reuters. Proponents of blockchain – the database technology that underpins bitcoin – believe it could transform the insurance industry through a shared, transparent record of information, allowing for data transfers in seconds and streamlining communications and transactions.
4 VCs were asked what the hottest area of fintech is right now — all they could talk about was insurance
26 JAN 2017 | Investors from around the world were asked what the hottest area for investment in fintech is right now at a conference on Wednesday. The same sector kept coming up again and again: insurance. At the Economist Finance Disrupted conference in London this week, three out of the four VCs on the panel "Unicorns vs.
Insurtech futures: cuvva launches new car insurance product
25 JAN 2017 | Start-up pay-as-you-go car insurance broker Cuvva is set to launch a new category of insurance aimed at car owners who use their cars infrequently. The challenger broker said that this new way of buying insurance will "revolutionise the sector" and could save customers up to 70% of the cost of an annual premium. It added that according to Department for Transport and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency figures, there are around six million cars in the UK that are driven very infrequently.
Munich Re US taps Mozeika to lead InsurTech initiatives
25 JAN 2017 | Munich Re US has named Robert Mozeika as its innovation executive to both connect clients with useful developments produced in the InsurTech space and to prospect for potential investment opportunities. Steve Levy, president of the reinsurance division, said: "This is an integral role for the reinsurance division and is a natural evolution for Bob, who has established a leadership position in the InsurTech space." "Our goal is to identify opportunities and collaborate with clients to bring to market new insurance..
Aviva restructures to focus on digital offering
24 JAN 2017 | nsurer Aviva has named Andy Briggs CEO UK Insurance, as the company restructures to bring all of its insurance businesses together as part of its digital transformation. Briggs will be responsible for life, general and health insurance in the UK. Maurice Tulloch will take over from David McMillan, chairman Aviva Global Health Insurance and CEO Aviva Europe, becoming CEO International Insurance, responsible for Aviva’s insurance operations in Canada, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain and Turkey.
IoT in commercial insurance lines: Secure first-mover advantage in this huge, untapped market
01 FEB 2017 | The progression of connected devices for personal insurance lines is well underway. But what about commercial lines? How can connected devices be used for commercial insurance to drive customer engagement and reduce losses when claims do occur? Could this, in fact, be the real sleeping giant in this new, connected world?
Drivers of motor insurance in a driverless world
30 JAN 2017 | While we are living in the era of shared economy disrupting traditional business models with apps like Uber, AirBnB or P2P lending, the traditional ownership of cars won't simply disappear from our lives, but indeed will decline. Morgan Stanley estimates that by 2030, the auto insurance market may be split evenly between personal and commercial; by 2040, that ratio could be 30% personal and 70% commercial. One thing is for sure: these developments are leading us to a point when the biggest beneficiaries will be consumers. Insurers are the ones who must change by trying to adapt to their needs.
Big Data & Analytics for Insurance, London
14 FEB 2017 | Data analytics is no longer restricted to the realm of technology in insurance. Today it is a business imperative. As well as providing solutions to long-standing business challenges, big data and analytics offers the power to transform fraud detection, underwriting, pricing and claims. Yet with new data sources, new modelling tools and the rise of Insurtech, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest innovation in insurance analytics. That’s why we’re bringing together insurance companies from across Europe to explore how big data and analytics can drive business growth. We’ve assembled leading experts from the biggest insurers to guide you through the latest data-driven strategies for success.
Motor Insurance Conference 2017
15 FEB 2017 | Vienna | Bristol Hotel, IIF 2017 – New challenges for the CEE motor insurance industry is a top level environment for exchanging business insights on essential issues of the motor insurance industry. The event is completely organized for and by professionals, ensuring the highest quality program in all aspects.

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