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Six Innovators to Watch - November 2017
06 DEC 2017 | The enthusiasm for insurtech seems to have hit a bit of a lull. Now that some have fallen by the wayside, while others are taking longer than hoped to deliver on their promise, there seems to be less buzz in the air.
Helping Insurers Adjust to the New Reality of the Sharing Economy
05 DEC 2017 | The LTP Team had a pleasure to interview Brad Weisberg, CEO & Founder of Snapsheet, a free app for iPhone, Android and the Web that allows users to receive bids from local auto body shops. Snapsheet’s patent pending technology streamlines the fragmented claims process of obtaining an estimate and settling a claim.
The Five Insurtech Battles
05 DEC 2017 | Those who want to understand the trends in insurtech must dare to look at what is taking place across the globe. Because innovation mostly takes place on the international stage. Domestic insurers, on the other hand, too often think from a local market perspective. insurtechs that are active in the European market can be categorized into five groups.
CEO Monthly Insurtech Market Analysis December 2017
05 DEC 2017 | CEO Monthly Insurtech Market Analysis December 2017. Financial Technology Partners LP and FTP Securities LLC ("FT Partners") is the only investment banking firm focused exclusively on the financial technology sector
04 DEC 2017 | Vodafone has become the digital telematics partner for Admiral Insurance, the UK’s largest car insurance provider. As part of the new agreement Vodafone will provide the underlying telematics services for the Admiral LittleBox offer, including devices, connectivity, data management, crash analysis and safety related services.
The future of insurtech
01 DEC 2017 | It is easy to criticise the insurance industry for its failure to embrace technology more quickly — but it’s also not surprising. Insurers are necessarily conservative, highly regulated and complex businesses with long-term outlooks. Change comes but slowly.
Growth vs. opportunity in insurtech strategy
01 DEC 2017 | Insurers are continuing to invest in insurtech in a variety of ways, working out how to best leverage the financial and technological growth of this emerging marketplace. An interesting case is that of Allianz, with the recent announcement that the company is switching models from a startup incubator to a venture fund.
Helping rather than replacing the Insurance Agent may be the Insurtech game plan
30 NOV 2017 | Even Popeye needs some help from spinach. In this post, I look at the importance of the Insurance agent and some Insurtech startups providing tech spinach to the Popeye agent.
Arag teams up with InsurTech start-up Neos
30 NOV 2017 | Neos says Arag helps join up the claims process for its connected home product. Legal protection and assistance specialist Arag will provide home emergency and legal expenses insurance for Neos’ connected home proposition.
Digital Distribution = Insurance Big Bet
30 NOV 2017 | Insurance traditionally has been sold through physical channels i.e. Agents or Brokers, hence termed as ‘traditional channel’. This requires an experienced skillset, physical touchpoints with the customer, a detailed understanding of the needs assessed onsite, and complete understanding of the varied products on offer.
Are insurers actually meeting clients' expectations? Not quite there yet
06 DEC 2017 | In this installment, we approach the topic of marketing and customer-centricity at insurance carriers by looking two principal measures: customer performance and customer priority. We finish with a look at customer loyalty, and how distribution affects the customer relationship.
Why will Amazon and its peers disrupt the insurance sector?
04 DEC 2017 | Last week we’ve learned more about the potential roles that GAFA and BAT could play in the future of insurance. Now moving on to question no.3 for our 50insurtech influencers we will see what makes GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) fit candidates for becoming major players in the insurance industry. We’ve collected the opinions of top insurance thought leaders as they go through advantages and disadvantages of the big tech players.
Fintech Connect Live
06 DEC 2017 | EXCEL London, UK | The only event to give direct access to the InsurTech start ups you need to meet to form strategic partnerships, maximize the potential in your data, start assessing risk in a entirely new way and inject your business with a desperately needed degree of flexibility to better serve your customers Push past the fear and look to a future of collaboration. Working together to more actively target and profile your customers so you can offer more bespoke policies leading to a increased level of client satisfaction and therefore higher levels of retention. Seize the opportunity to enhance your business in vital areas. Plug your skills gap, save money and stop being beaten to new clients by smaller more flexible organisations
Instech Winter Edition 2017
11 DEC 2017 | Canary Wharf Hilton, London | winter is designed to debate and share strategies in insurance innovation and disruption. The event is to take place on 11th December in London. Chief Operating Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Data Officers and Chief Technologists from the top 250 insurance and broker companies form the advisory board and the panel of speakers and participants. Dozens of innovators will be joining the panels and debates, with some of the most senior C-level executives from the world’s largest insurance giants, as well as medium size underwriters, brokers and small companies, to explore the future impact of this technology on your business. will focus on product, customer journey and data, bringing top level insurance executives to share their views and strategies. There are two new panels bringing the industry closer to its customers, including a 55+ panel of customers and a millennial panel of customers. Michael Cooper, CTO Radianz, BT Global Banking and Financial Markets, BT will be closing the conference with a keynote on the impact of technology on insurance and vice versa.

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