Sent on April 20, 2016

The new-world insurance agent
19 APR 2016 | Silicon Valley is building the new-world insurance agent. My grandfather started selling insurance in the 1950s and insurance eventually granted him the American dream. Today, the industry accounts for 7 percent of U.S. GDP, with more than $1.1 trillion of net premiums paid annually. The aged way of conducting business is pushing the Valley to disrupt all layers of the value chain...
VitalityLife introduces finger-prick blood testing
19 APR 2016 | VitalityLife is improving the way protection applicants undergo blood testing by introducing ‘finger-prick testing' to the UK life insurance market. Finger-prick testing means that when blood samples are required during underwriting,they are obtained via a finger-prick test rather than by hypodermic syringe. The test is held at a place convenient for the client, such as their home. VitalityLife is the first insurer to introduce this to the UK life insurance market.
Proprietary vs Open Strategies for the IoT—Are Problems for Nest a Lesson for Insurers? | Insurance Innovation Reporter
18 APR 2016 | The entry of Apple, Google and Amazon into the IoT and smart home space created huge interest, particularly when Google paid $3 billion for Nest after four years trading. With Microsoft quietly building their presence in the IoT, it seems that the market is really starting to take-off and the multi trillion-dollar growth forecasts are realistic. However, skeptics are sharpening their knives after hearing the recent news that Google is unhappy with the financial results from Nest.
What millennials want from insurance agents
18 APR 2016 | Before she launched an impressive sales career, Amelia Dobson (pictured below) worked as a receptionist and in service for one of the top State Farm agents in the country. This diversity of roles has given her a broad view of an industry that she has grown to love for its opportunity, its potential to help others and its flexibility.
Embracing Innovative Technologies to Build a Trusted Insurance Brand
15 APR 2016 | As the insurance industry adapts to a customer-centric mindset, health plans will need to focus their efforts on becoming a trusted brand in order to differentiate themselves. By embracing innovative technology that streamlines internal communications and provides a 360-degree view of their members, carriers will gain the valuable insight necessary to enhance customer experience and build brand loyalty, while identifying revenue opportunities.
RIMS 2016: What's the Biggest Risk for Cyber Insurers?
15 APR 2016 | Nobody really knows what the biggest cyber risk is. But Scott Stransky, senior scientist at risk modeling firm AIR Worldwide, has thought a lot about a cloud breach and the business interruption ramifications. Listen as he describes the “Hurricane Andrew” of cyber in this video soundbite from RIMS 2016.
Differences between ‘innovation’ and ‘transformation’ in insurance
14 APR 2016 | The first machine age, the Industrial Revolution, saw the automation of physical work. We live in the second machine age, where there is increasing augmentation and automation of manual and cognitive work. This second machine age has seen the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), or “intelligence” that is not the result of human cogitation. It is now ubiquitous in many commercial products, from search engines to virtual assistants.
10 Internet of Things companies to watch
14 APR 2016 | It’s good to be an Internet of Things startup these days. Cisco forked over $1.4B for IoT platform provider Jasper in February. Nokia Growth Partners has raised a $350 million IoT-focused investment fund. And IoT startups are pulling in tens of millions in venture funding. Salary survey 1 Salary Survey 2016: How does your compensation stack up? Computerworld’s annual IT Salary Survey results are in. Find out what your peers said about their
LexisNexis Wunelli offers new 12V in-car insurance solution
14 APR 2016 | Adding to the already robust set of device options for collecting telematics data, Wunelli, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions company, has created a 12V tethered telematics data collection device which will revolutionise the way insurers sell and engage consumers in UBI policies. Plugging into the cigarette lighter, the self-installed 12V device represents a significant step forward for the telematics insurance market, enabling insurers to gather driving behaviour data at around 15 per cent of the cost of a hard-wired device, but with similar levels of accuracy and data quality.
How AI Can Be Applied to InsurTech
14 APR 2016 | AI has recently been one of the most debatable topics as the community of professionals across industries have mixed feelings on the outcomes of AI for humans. Nonetheless, there are very successful AI companies applying the power of machines and there are investors supporting them. AI is most often associated with wealth management as it seems to be the segment where AI could make the most “damage” and cause the strongest disruption. However, AI finds its way into other industries, in particular, InsurTech.
Why Blockchain may transform Insurance before Banks #InsurTech
14 APR 2016 | We often use innovation and transformation synonymously. Both words evoke thoughts of change and modernization. Both innovation and transformation are important outcomes of the change management life cycle. We know that innovation is occurring all around us, and in simple terms, it is finding new ways to improve or change something that already exists for the better.
Data and analytics in the fight against fraud with QBE Insurance
20 APR 2016 | FC Business Intelligence recently got in touch with Rob Smith-Wright, SIU Claims Manager at QBE Insurance to hear how they’re using data and analytics in the fight against fraud. This is your chance to get clued up on how one of the world’s foremost insurers is utilising analytics to hunt down the fraudsters that target your organisation.
The Three Pillars of Connected Insurance
15 APR 2016 | Being connected has become the talk of the town, and insurance companies are surely one of the main interested parties in this discussion, some of them being actual promoters of change and innovation. Traditional players will have a tougher time adapting to the new paradigm, but my view is that they will have to adjust in the long term to the new rules of the game if they want to stay competitive. Consumers are becoming more and more connected whether it is at home, at work, behind the wheel, when they engage in sports and leisure activities, and so on. This is happening quite fast, due to the adoption of smart devices, and companies have to be able to react accordingly in order to maximize value both for their clients and for themselves. The surrounding environment is becoming smart and is being incorporated in the connected ecosystem, thus creating new opportunities for insurance companies, opportunities which must be managed appropriately in order to maximize value. Here big data analytics play a huge role, as the quantity of collected data & variables is getting higher and higher. To be precise, the discussion focuses on how companies will be able to read the data in order to identify patterns and optimize their business models by controlling loss, perfecting risk assessment and prevention etc.
International insurance fintech and innovation conference: DIA Barcelona
20 APR 2016 | DIA is dedicated to accelerating the crucial digital transformation of the industry. DIA is the first global community and two-day conference connecting change agents at insurance companies to fintech leaders. DIA Barcelona will feature two days full of insurtech innovations with an impact. Solutions that drive cost efficiency and boost customer engagement and revenue growth. DIA is the yearly shot of inspiration to speed up effective digital strategies at any insurance firm.
Conference and Exhibition Insurance Telematics Canada 2016
28 APR 2016 | Now in its 3rd year, Insurance Telematics Canada is the only event in Canada dedicated to the intersection between auto tech and insurance. This year’s edition will focus on the new considerations for automotive insurers working in an increasingly tech-based industry, including data analytics, value added services, and insuring a new range of ownerless and flexible mobility services.