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Insurance companies competing on price and value
14 JUN 2017 | It took the head of one of the UK’s biggest insurers to say what many had been thinking for a long time – much of the industry is broken and neither companies nor customers like it. According to Aviva chief executive Mark Wilson: “The dysfunctional market is a problem for the whole industry that requires an industry-wide solution.”
Insurance Technology: Four Trillion Dollar Industry Finally Goes Digital
13 JUN 2017 | Insurance Technology is riding a wave of innovation and investment that is attempting to do in a few short years what the insurance industry itself has failed to do over the last decade: a complete digital migration across all business processes. With $4.6 Trillion in global annual premiums, or 5.6% of global GDP, the insurance industry is a highly attractive market where incumbents have been slow to embrace innovation
Software is eating the auto insurance
12 JUN 2017 | Connected Insurance represents a new paradigm for the insurance business, an approach that fits with the mainstream Gen C, where “C” means connectivity. This novel insurance approach is based on the use of sensors that collect and send data related to the status of an insured risk and on data usage along the insurance value chain.
Octo Telematics Wins Best Insurance Telematics Product or Service of The Year
12 JUN 2017 | BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Octo Telematics (Octo), the number one global provider of telematics for the auto insurance industry, with 39% of the market in terms of active usage-based insurance (UBI) policies, announced today that it has been crowned the Best Insurance Telematics Product or Service of the Year at TU-Automotive Detroit 2017. In addition, three Octo executives presented important telematics themes in keynote and panel discussions at the industry-leading show.
Q&A: Dan Preston, CEO, Metromile
12 JUN 2017 | Last September, per-mile car insurer disclosed $191.5 million in new funds raised dating back to 2014 and the acquisition of Mosaic Insurance, giving the company to ability to re-think its claims experience.
8 Startups Offering On-Demand Insurance
09 JUN 2017 | Our recent article on 10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Insurance has been receiving all kinds of interest from our readers which shows we’ve touched on a hot topic. In that article, we talked about how auto insurance companies are not operating in a sustainable fashion and the only way we can resolve that is through technology. It’s important to note that since the insurance industry is so far behind the times when it comes to technology, you don’t even need to do anything that advanced to add value.
Five tech trends transforming healthcare
09 JUN 2017 | In his session at America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute & Expo 2017 Institute & Expo, in Austin, Texas, Kaveh Savafi, MD, senior managing director for the health industry at consulting firm Accenture, discussed some of the biggest technology trends that are happening in the business world and drawing relevance to the world of healthcare. Here, Safavi discusses his talk, “Technology for People: The Era of the Intelligence Digital Health Enterprise.”
Software is eating the auto insurance
08 JUN 2017 | Connected Insurance represents a new paradigm for the insurance business, an approach that fits with the mainstream Gen C, where “C” means connectivity. This novel insurance approach is based on the use of sensors that collect and send data related to the status of an insured risk and on data usage along the insurance value chain.
How can big insurers, new tech-focused players work together?
08 JUN 2017 | WINNIPEG — While traditional insurance companies and some of the disruptors coming on the scene would presumably be fierce competitors, there’s lots of room for them to work together, participants at the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute’s national forum heard. “The insurance companies are late bloomers when it comes to the digital world,” said Lisa Callaghan, vice-president of strategy, marketing and communications at Manulife Financial Corp., during a session on group benefits and technology platforms at the event in Winnipeg on Tuesday.
IBM helps launch insurance chatbot
08 JUN 2017 | This story was delivered to BI Intelligence "Fintech Briefing" subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. The banking industry has been holding the lead in chatbot technology adoption, but the insurance market may be trying to catch up. Singaporean insurtech PolicyPal on Wednesday announced the launch of its AI-enabled chatbot, powered by IBM Watson Conversation, on its mobile app.
CSIO Announces Industry Solution for Digital Delivery of Proof of Auto Insurance Cards
07 JUN 2017 | Toronto – The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) was pleased to announce an industry solution for the digital delivery of proof of auto insurance cards, or eSlips, at Gore Mutual Insurance Company’s Fast Forward broker event held on June 6 in Toronto. Gore Mutual, Northbridge Insurance, RSA Canada and a number of brokerages have expressed their support for an industry solution for the simple, universal delivery of eSlips to consumers across all jurisdictions.
Wearable Technology Is Impacting Insurance Markets
07 JUN 2017 | As fitness monitors and other telematic devices grow in consumer use and acceptance, they are bringing with them major changes in the ways insurance—including property and casualty insurance—is bought and sold. Quadrant Information Services discusses the revolution this technology is bringing to the industry.
MarketScout targets InsurTech & MGA facility expansion
07 JUN 2017 | Texas based insurance exchange and managing general agent MarketScout has sold its $100 million workers compensation MGA and will use the proceeds to fund a change in strategy, as it switches its focus to Insurtech and MGA facilities. MarketScout owns the successful MarketScout Exchange, where it connects agents with insurers and now wants to leverage technologies alongside MGA facilities to reach out to capacity providers looking to access specialty business that it can introduce them to.
Can Malaysia catch up in the InsurTech race?
12 JUN 2017 | The first known insurance contract dates back to as early as 1347 when a ship was insured in Genoa for its voyage. Insurance may have been around for seven centuries but the business has changed very little. Even though we are now able to insure everything from our cars, homes, health to mobile phones, there have been only minor leaps in the adoption of technology across the insurance value chain. Fast forward to 2017 and all that’s about to change thanks to the impact of the insurtech disruption, which is the sudden wave of innovation fuelled by the intersecting fields of cloud, mobile, social, internet of things and artificial intelligence. Insurtech is finally enabling multiple value creation opportunities across the entire spectrum of the insurance business model.
CONNECTED: Insurtech and IOT
08 JUN 2017 | The “CONNECTED: Insurtech and IOT” event to be held in Milan on June 15th @ Microsoft House, will be centered around one of the most exciting topics of 2017: the evolution of the insurance world through new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Social Networks, Augmented Reality and IoT. Fluel, the organizer of the event, will bring together some of the biggest names in insurance technology alongside managers that have already been working “hands on” in insurtech, AR and IoT - related projects. The conference will be a great opportunity to allow networking and promote debate between important sector players.
Connected Insurtech & IoT 2017
15 JUN 2017 | Milan, Italy | Connected is the new event for manager and decision maker about Insurtech and the disruptive impact of cutting edge technologies such IOT and Augmented Reality. We will understand the new insurance sector framework and we will make great business networking. We'll meet in Milan on 15th of June and you can see more about speakers and tickets at Let's connect
InsurTech Rising Live: Digital Week
19 JUN 2017 | Tune in between Monday 19th – Friday 23rd June to delve deeper into the biggest issues facing the insurance industry. InsurTech Rising will be bringing you expert discussions via a series of interactive webinars, live Q&As, podcasts and articles to shed light on the areas most ripe for innovation and the technologies with the potential to transform the entire insurance value chain. Catch the future of insurance in real-time from the comfort of your desk with an exciting agenda built around business challenges and innovative solutions. Register here >>

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