Sent on November 29, 2017

How This Insurance Company Rose Up the Ranks Riding the Digital Wave
29 NOV 2017 | From an era of transactions on paper and agents walking door-to-door to the method of selling insurance today — the entire process being done at the click of a button on your computer or phone — the industry has undergone a radical transformation.
Connecting the dots through insurance
29 NOV 2017 | THE INSURANCE sector is now seeing the same dynamics already experienced in many other sectors, including financial services, with start-ups and other tech firms innovating one or more steps of the value chain traditionally belonging to financial institutions.
Lloyd's broker AFL bolsters insurtech startup-focused unit
28 NOV 2017 | Lloyd's broker AFL has hired George Stagg to lead its incubator division as associate director, innovation. Stagg joins AFL Insurance Brokers from RK Harrison, where he was most recently a terrorism political violence and war broker.
Black-owned insurtech startup Fo-Sho to unveil new short-term insurance product
28 NOV 2017 | Accelerator Startbootcamp Cape Town has scored some success, with South African insurtech startup Fo-Sho set to launch this Thursday (30 November) with its short-term insurance offering aimed at lower-income consumers.
Hartford pushing to become InsurTech innovation center
27 NOV 2017 | Hartford would be the capital for more than state government if various executives fulfill their vision to make the city a hub for insurance technology, for which key early seeds are about to be planted.
Insurtech Is Hitting Critical Mass
27 NOV 2017 | The wisest insurance incumbents will seize the collaborative opportunities springing from this new environment. Launched in 2013, Chinese non-life insurer ZhongAn has already reached a market cap of US$13.6 billion on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Evolution of Indian Motor Insurance
24 NOV 2017 | The Indian general insurance sector is growing at a healthy 17% a year. Motor insurance is the biggest chunk, accounting for 49% of the gross direct premiums earned (FY16), at $6.5 billion. The Motor Vehicles Act, from 1988, mandates that every vehicle should be compulsorily insured for third-party risks.
Munich Re launches all-in-one insurance solution for Greater China market
23 NOV 2017 | Munich Re has released a modular all-in-one insurance solution for the Greater China market, leveraging its extensive knowledge of risk and technology.
Majority of London market fear Amazon-type firm will heavily disrupt them
23 NOV 2017 | A survey of the London market revealed 60 percent expect the market to be either ‘greatly’ or ‘very’ disrupted by external companies such as Amazon, Google and Tesla over the next ten years.
Study says insurtech to drive innovation in emerging Asia
22 NOV 2017 | Insurers in emerging markets are introducing innovative solutions faster than their peers in more developed insurance markets as advances in Insurtech make it easier, quicker and cheaper for them to accurately assess customer behavior, needs and risks, thereby opening the door to new business models.
Insurers are left behind in the insurtech digital innovation race: distribution and affilate partners are ahead of game
28 NOV 2017 | The critical factor is the recent mass-proliferation of sensors in the real world, capturing data on millions of connected objects, from toothbrushes to oil tankers. The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived, and insurers are taking notice. The possibilities of the IoT for insurance are boundless, from turbocharging underwriting models and using sensor data for preventative messaging to usage-based products and dynamic pricing.
How to create a blue ocean of new and uncontested demand for your insurance business
27 NOV 2017 | In the last few years insurers have raced to capture the massive opportunities created by new technologies and have learnt to turn the threat of insurtech start-ups into smart collaborations. The result has been the avoidance - so far - of any significant loss in revenues and profitability.
USA and China raise the stakes of health insurtech investments
24 NOV 2017 | Insurance technology startups raised $397 million over the last quarter between July and September 2017 – that’s 39% less compared to the previous quarter (April through June) when insurtech startups raised $655 million, although it is in line with the Q3 funding average across the last 5 years.
Insurance IoT USA Summit 2017
30 NOV 2017 | The Connected Revolution is well underway, and with a multitude of applications across the insurance industry, carriers are turning from investigating opportunities to implementing an IoT strategy. From defining and tracking outcomes to streamlining processes, integrating technology and building partnerships across the IoT ecosystem, insurance carriers must juggle many elements in the quest for IoT success. At the 3rd Annual Insurance IoT USA Summit, join over 500 insurance visionaries and leaders to gain both inspiration and practical tools for immediate implementation from innovative insurance case studies.
Managing Insurance Contracts under IFRS 17
04 DEC 2017 | London, UK | This executive marcus evans meeting will bring together industry leaders working the IFRS 17 to discuss the first steps firms are taking to prepare for the new accounting rules. It will address the plans that firms are putting in place before the implementation with particular focus on the models required and the policy options firms are taking. It will address what these options will mean in terms of its business implications and the outcome of the impact studies firms have been carrying out. Attending this premier marcus evans conference will enable you to: • Discover what the new accounting standards require and the project planning insurers can do now to prepare • See what decisions insurers are taking for policy options and what the BBA model will mean for their firm • Gain examples of how insurance firms are collating quality data and updating systems to align with the IFRS 17 • Understand the business implications of the IFRS 17 and how this can be communicated to business lines Expert Speakers Panel includes: • Alana Clark, Head of Financial Policy and Control, Barbican Insurance • Bernhard Klinger, Head of Actuarial Development, Centre Finance and Governance, Bupa • Joseph Remmerswaal, Head of Risk, NN Group • Zeynep Onat, Head of Risk Management and Internal Control, Cigna Finans • Sarah Kæstel-Bjerg, CFA, Head of Capital and Financial Risk, Codan Forsikring • Raphael Borrel, Director of Risk and Compliance, LV= For more information simply send an email to

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