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Digital Insurance’s top AI stories of 2017
27 DEC 2017 | As insurers invest time and money on a wide-range of disruptive technologies to incorporate into their organizations, artificial intelligence remains the one constant.
Transformation in action: Recapping 2017's insurtech-insurer partnerships
27 DEC 2017 | Insurers are weighing two schools of thought when addressing insurtech: Developing technological capabilities in-house or teaming up with new entrants to gain required expertise.
Is Amazon the next insurtech?
26 DEC 2017 | The insurance industry was ready for Amazon to make an insurance distribution channel available to its customers: Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Farmers, Allstate, Nationwide and Grange Insurance are among the insurers leveraging the retail giant's Alexa voice assistant.
Insurtech: Breaking Down the Walls
26 DEC 2017 | The marriage of “insurance” and “technology” — “insurtech” — continues to attract investment among P&C insurers, and startups specializing in insurance technology products are popping up all over. In fact, investment in insurtech reached $853 million in the first quarter of 2017 — a 50% increase over the same period in 2016.
InsurTech to open up opportunities in historically excluded risks
22 DEC 2017 | Epidemic risk modeller Metabiota predicts that in 2018 insurers will focus more on speed with increased appetite for risk to reach the needed returns and innovation in the InsurTech space will make this possible, opening up opportunities in historically excluded risks such as terrorism and pandemics.
Leadenhall backed insurtech Gryphon acquires Guardian brand
22 DEC 2017 | Gryphon Group Holdings Limited, the insurtech start-up that hopes to launch disruptive insurance ventures into established sectors and that raised £180 million, including capital from ILS fund manager Leadenhall Capital Partners, has acquired Guardian Assurance Limited and will operate the protection business it is building under the Guardian brand.
AI, Blockchain and Ecosystems. These are a few of my favorite things…2018 Insurtech Predictions
21 DEC 2017 | 2018 will be underpinned by these two buzzwords this year – API and Ecosystem. I think these two buzzwords/themes make so much practical sense for our industry.
What insurers can learn about data monetization from Vitality and Tesco
21 DEC 2017 | Seventy-five percent of customers are more than willing to share their personal information with insurers, provided that they are open about their intentions, give people a measure of control over the use of their data, and offer them something in return.
Nationwide will pilot blockchain-based proof of insurance
20 DEC 2017 | While the crypto-currencies that spurred the development of blockchain technology skyrocket in value, the underlying platform, which decentralizes records in order to make them tamper-proof, is being explored by insurance carriers for several use cases.
5 Predictions for Agents in 2018
20 DEC 2017 | The insurance industry has been talking about technological evolution for a long time. From the rise of insurtechs to implementing tools like client portals and e-signature, the need for digital transformation has been top-of-mind for all insurance professionals.
Whatsapp for claims submission and IoT & blockchain to combat fraud
21 DEC 2017 | In our previous post, on Distribution, we pointed out that claims represents perhaps the most important customer touchpoint in the entire insurance journey. But claims is even bigger still – Nothing affects carriers’ bottom lines like claims; too many are not just capable of wiping out company margins but can jeopardise company survival full stop. And it’s not as if customers like claims either
The Top 10 Insurtech Trends of 2018
19 DEC 2017 | Invisible insurance and behavioural economics with a pinch of bancassurance revival and empathy: these are some of the trends of 2018. December is the perfect month to predict the key insurtech trends for the year to come and to think of New Year’s resolutions: what specific trends to tap into to enhance the digital strategies.
AI Assistant & Deep Learning Summits 2017
25 JAN 2018 | San Francisco | RE•WORK will be hosting the AI Assistant & Deep Learning Summits in San Francisco on 25 & 26 January 2018. The summits will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in AI Assistants and Deep Learning. This is a unique opportunity to interact with business leaders, influential technologists, data scientists & entrepreneurs in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Join RE•WORK to learn from industry experts, discover emerging trends in deep learning & expand your network: RE•WORK is a global platform of events bringing together breakthrough technology, cutting-edge science, and entrepreneurship shaping the future of business and society. Regular participants at our events include AI pioneers Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton.
5th Annual Open Innovation Forum
25 JAN 2018 | Building and sustaining ecosystems. 15+ case studies from open innovation champions.

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