Sent on November 04, 2015

Has IoT 'come-of-age' in Insurance
04 NOV 2015 | Gartner predicts the world will have 5 times more (around 25 billion) IoT enabled devices by 2020 and a typical family of four could own as many as 100 connected devices at home. Does this mean an Opportunity or Threat for Insurance carriers? Insurance industry has long been risk averse to the fancy new devices and technology trends. However it looks like this one cannot be ignored and needs active engagement. Maybe its time to engage now and start trying these out for specific use cases and measure their impact in a small way - by collecting data and risk modelling.
The 2015 Cybersecurity Report
03 NOV 2015 | This in-depth 25-slide deck details the latest cybersecurity financing and trends. Below is a high-level summary of some of the report’s highlights. For all of the findings, download the entire report. It’s free. CYBERSECURITY DEALS AND DOLLARS BY YEAR In 2014, cybersecurity startups took in $2.5B dollars in funding across 224 investments, up from less than...
Five Start-ups That Demonstrate... Insurance Is An Exciting Place To Be...
02 NOV 2015 | Well, I have a confession to make. I did set out to start a career in insurance, and specifically in insurance technology or insurtech. What attracted me most (and it still does today) was the relationship between known and unknown risks, the social benefit that can be delivered when done well and, finally, its inherently digital nature.
The road to autonomy: Driverless cars and the implications for insurance
30 OCT 2015 | The development of so-called “driverless cars” has been heralded as one of the most important events in the motor insurance sector. Aside from their technological and lifestyle impact, which will be as significant as the introduction of private cars themselves, the implications for insurance are huge: potentially removing the human element to car operation brings into question some of the most basic principles of ownership and liability. This could have a fundamental impact on insurance, even down to how it is distributed. One of the key UK organisations involved in independently assessing the emerging technologies and understanding their implications for insurance is Thatcham Research, the world-leading automotive safety and security test centre.
Prospecting through technology
29 OCT 2015 | How many of these names do you remember: American Motors, J. M. Fields, Packard? Do you remember cassette tapes, floppy disks, photographic film, video-cassette recorders, payphones, long-distance charges, telephone books and record stores? The list goes on and on. As time marches on, the way we live continues to change. Business is undergoing constant change as well.
Smart Insurance: Why client’s emotions are key?
29 OCT 2015 | How to build a lasting relationship with your clients through emotions? Every business has to understand customers' emotions differently. What about Smart Insurance Industry? What is your emotional benefit? What if your clients wanted to feel these 10 emotions when trying your insurance service? Will you be able to travel with them? Action !
InsuranceData: Insurance Europe’s interactive online data tool
29 OCT 2015 | As our world becomes increasing complex, the need to access up-to-date data will continue to grow in importance. This is why the European insurance industry has developed a new tool, InsuranceData, to allow policymakers, industry executives, analysts and researchers to access the detailed data they need in a more user-friendly and efficient way. The data collected by Insurance Europe provides a fascinating and essential insight into the economic contribution made by insurance companies throughout Europe.
How Wearable Devices Are Disrupting the Insurance Industry
28 OCT 2015 | Nearly 50 years after Captain Kirk began using his wrist communicator on the television show, Star Trek, wearable technology is taking hold. From Fitbit and Nike Fuelbands to Google Glass and Golden-I, the technology is influencing how people live and work. While there are many benefits to utilizing wearable technology in the insurance industry, along with the innovation comes risks, according to experts.
Software Is Eating Insurance: 10 VCs Sound Off On Insurance Tech Disruption
27 OCT 2015 | From health benefits exchanges to new pay-per-use insurance applications, tech startups are gaining momentum in their attacks on the insurance industry. And they are also gaining funding dollars. According to CB Insights data, insurance tech startups raised $831M through the first five months of 2015 alone. VCs aren’t just funding insurance companies, they’re also weighing in on the parts of the insurance stack most vulnerable to change.
Insurance Tech Startups Are Invading the Multi-Trillion Dollar Insurance Industry
27 OCT 2015 | From policy-comparison engines to tech-enabled health coverage and insurance tools for on-demand workers and use cases, startups are invading the multi-trillion dollar insurance industry — and investors are chasing them. Here's a brief rundown of what's happening in the world of insurance tech startups. sights.
Insurance and the Internet of Things
03 NOV 2015 | Whenever you say the word “telematics,” people today almost always assume you are talking about motor insurance. Well, it’s the only use-case where telematic data is being used for insurance purposes, right? Wrong. There are plenty of other types of insurance where telematic data is available to help manage and reduce risk and even some where enlightened insurers will give you a discount based on sharing that data. And wherever you find that fire hydrant of telematic data cracked open, you’ll find a Big Data platform soaking it up and converting it into actionable insights for the insurer and hopefully the customer too.
Telematics for Usage-Based Insurance
05 NOV 2015 | Having been in use for over a decade in commercial vehicles, the insurance sector is exploring the opportunities afforded by telematics technology. Currently, the number of insurance telematics policies in force in the European market reached 4.8 million in the last quarter of 2014 and it is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 42.4% per year. The total number of policies is expected to reach 28.1 million by 2019. So, what is the telematics promise? Up until now – better pricing, more efficient claims handling, portfolio improvement, refined risk assessment and faster fraud depiction. At this ‘Telematics for UBI’ conference we will be discussing and sharing perspectives on how to further increase the uptake of telematics-based motor insurance as well as examining the potential costs of remaining outside of the trend to telematics insurance services.
Connected Fleets USA
16 NOV 2015 | Integrate, Analyze and Secure Data from the Vehicle, Driver & Infrastructure for Fleet Efficiency Attracting over 300 delegates, Connected Fleets USA brings together members from every level of the connected fleet value chain.