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8 insurtech predictions for 2018
10 JAN 2018 | 2017 was the year insurtech stepped up. Many insurance-focused startups were funded from 2014 to 2016 – but they truly came to market in 2017. This was the year that saw some of the first big acquisitions, like Guidewire acquiring Cyence, major market expansion from brands like Lemonade, and conferences devoted to the sector seeing big attendance gains.
10 Insurtech Game Changers
09 JAN 2018 | Insurtechs enable insurance carriers to innovate much faster than they do today. Their innovative solutions dramatically improve the primary process of insurance carriers; they take away the frictions that customers experience when dealing with an insurance firm.
AI Eats Insurance
08 JAN 2018 | When food delivery services talk breathlessly about machine learning, feel free to roll your eyes: it’s baked salmon they’re dropping off, not Bayesian statistics. Insurance is another kettle of fish altogether. The birth of statistics is usually dated to 1662, when John Graunt calculated the probabilities of Londoners surviving to a given age.
China: National database to be built to boost social insurance
08 JAN 2018 | China is building a database that will cover everyone who is eligible for social insurance, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Officials will use the latest technology, including big data, to reach those without social insurance and to ensure universal coverage by 2020, according to the Ministry's Social Insurance Management Centre.
The next frontier for insurtech is reinventing insurance itself
08 JAN 2018 | In 2015, when I first invested in an insurance technology startup, the term “insurtech” hadn’t been coined, and the explosion of investment in insurance was yet to begin. Fast-forward three years, and the landscape has changed immeasurably.
Will 2018 be the year of the insurance platform?
05 JAN 2018 | In the world of insurance technology, suddenly platforms are hot. In the past few months, Guidewire articulated an expansive vision for its trademarked Guidewire Insurance Platform; IBM announced an “industry first” Insurance Platform, and Majesco launched Majesco Digital1st Insurance, a “Platform as a Service.”
CLARA raises $11.5mn Series A funding for AI insurtech claims solutions
05 JAN 2018 | Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science company, CLARA Analytics, has announced a $11.5 million Series A funding round led by OAK HC/FT, a venture growth-equity fund investing in Healthcare Information & Services and Financial Services Technology.
China leading on risk management insurtech
05 JAN 2018 | China is becoming a global standard-bearer in the digitalization of many aspects of life, including fintech and insurance companies. One area where Chinese firms are leading the way is risk analysis.
An Insurance carrier’s guide to working with an Insurtech start-up
04 JAN 2018 | Often, the best USP for a start-up in this position is speed of delivery and focus on customer requirements. Cost is often (mistakenly) ignored for internal IT depts, and employees clearly understand the business and systems better than external companies.
Milliman launches InsurTech solution for re/insurers loss reserving
04 JAN 2018 | International consulting and actuarial firm, Milliman, Inc., has announced the release of advanced analytics software for loss reserving for the insurance and reinsurance sector, called Arius® Enterprise.
Let’s talk about insurance before Amazon disrupts it
05 JAN 2018 | I predict Amazon will not disrupt the insurance sector. I believe they will do something – especially around insurance coverages on the products they sell – but they will not be able to touch the core of the insurance profit poll on commercial lines but also on personal lines (auto, property, life, health). My view is based on two main beliefs.
Whatsapp for claims submission and IoT & blockchain to combat fraud
21 DEC 2017 | In our previous post, on Distribution, we pointed out that claims represents perhaps the most important customer touchpoint in the entire insurance journey. But claims is even bigger still – Nothing affects carriers’ bottom lines like claims; too many are not just capable of wiping out company margins but can jeopardise company survival full stop. And it’s not as if customers like claims either
5th Annual Open Innovation Forum
25 JAN 2018 | Building and sustaining ecosystems. 15+ case studies from open innovation champions.
Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2018
21 FEB 2018 | London, UK | Arena International is thrilled to announce that the second Digital Integration in Wealth Management will be returning to London! Operating within an increasingly digital landscape and cross-generational trends emerging, there is still a need for the Wealth Management sector to better understand how to serve their varied clientele segments; to clarify where to strike that balance between a digital and fiscal offering. This conference offers a strong focus on digital tools and process that can be implemented to meet cross-generational needs, tailored to the nature of your firm and clientele. Drawing on the expertise of industry leaders including representatives from Deutsche Bank, UBS Wealth Management and BNP Paribas Fortis, you will take away a deeper understanding of the digital strategies and how they can be best implemented to attract new markets and further clients engagement, in an increasingly global and connected world.

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