Sent on September 28, 2016

Insurance Analytics Take the Next Step
27 SEP 2016 | “The world is changing so quickly, and we’ve had some opportunities to capitalize,” Nimm explains. “Business leaders are able to take historical data, create personas, and set pricing strategies based on that, and in near real time see how that improves or changes results.” Sentry’s analytics growth was facilitated by a core systems replacement project.
The Power of AI for Insurance: Can your Advisors tap Iron Man’s powers?
27 SEP 2016 | There was a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was an idea brought to life on the silver screen. If you’ve watched the Iron Man movies, you’ll remember JARVIS (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System), a highly advanced computerized armor that interacts intuitively with Iron Man, billionaire Tony Stark. What’s more, JARVIS has a complete understanding of Stark’s history, habits, behavior and preferences, allowing him to not just respond to instructions but also provide contextualized recommendations and prepare better by predicting Iron Man’s next move.
THE INSURTECH REPORT: How financial technology firms are helping — and disrupting — the nearly $5 trillion insurance industry
26 SEP 2016 | The global insurance industry is worth nearly $5 trillion, and insurance companies are at risk of losing a share of this valuable market to new entrants. That's because these legacy players have been even slower to modernize than their counterparts in other financial services industries.
Meet 6 entrepreneurs with innovative insurtech products
26 SEP 2016 | As part of the 2016 Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium held Sept. 7-8 in Dallas, companies were invited to submit their ideas for innovative insurance products to a competition modeled after the ABC television show, “Shark Tank.” The six finalists were given 10 minutes to pitch their ideas, products and business plans to the Entrepreneurial Insurance Alliance judges’ panel and the more than 300 C-level insurance executives, private equity and other insurance professionals attending the symposium.
Metromile Firms up Tech as it Positions for Major Expansion
23 SEP 2016 | Metromile is beefing up its technology environment with recent implementations of claims software from Guidewire Software and Hyland, while making other moves to increase its footprint in the U.S. insurance market. The San Francisco-based startup deployed Guidewire ClaimCenter and OnBase by Hyland’s as an integrated platform on Sept. 21.
InsurTech Expands its Innovative Software Services across Dallas, Miami, and Paris, France
23 SEP 2016 | InsurTech Expands its Innovative Software Services across Dallas, Miami, and Paris, France By CIOReview - FREMONT, CA: Reinsurance and insurance industries predominantly depend on the use of software announce solutions and consulting...
InsurTech Global, a new provider of innovative software solutions and consulting services for the global insurance industry
23 SEP 2016 | DALLAS, Sept. 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Company President & CEO Joseph Sebbag announces the launch of InsurTech Global, a provider of Innovative Software Solutions and Consulting Services for the reinsurance and insurance industries. The company also announces the grand opening of its North American operations in Dallas, Texas, along with the inauguration of satellite offices in Miami, Florida, and Paris France, which are dedicated to the Latin American & International Markets, respectively.
Insurtech startup FinanceFox raises $28M in Series A
21 SEP 2016 | FinanceFox, Europe’s leading independent service platform for insurances, brokers, and consumers, announced today that it has raised $28M – the largest InsurTech round in Europe to date – led by Target Global and Horizons Ventures.
5 ways scientists could supercharge long-term care insurance
21 SEP 2016 | In a little more than 15 years, the oldest baby boomers will start to turn 85. As the boomers reach their "oldest old" years, the current trickle of long-term care insurance claims could turn into a silver tsunami of home care, adult day care, assisted-living facility, nursing home and hospice bills.
Neosurance discusses with the big players about insurtech, a two billion dollar game
28 SEP 2016 | Present at the Forum, the start-up Neosurance, winner of the IoT Newcomer prize at IoT Europe Awards in London this year. Dario Melpignano, Founder and CEO of Neosurance, will be discussing with other leaders of the industry about how insurtech is currently setting the stage for a whole new range of opportunities to come for traditional insurance businesses and especially for those who are capable of recognizing the trend.
Connected insurance is here to stay—are you ready for this new insurance paradigm?
27 SEP 2016 | As of today, 22% of Italian households that have no home insurance are inclined to buy it—if it were connected insurance. This was the starting point of July’s meeting of the Connected Insurance Observatory, an Ania–Bain think-tank, which has put together executives from 30 insurance groups within the Internet of Things (IoT) sector to discuss the great potential of connected insurance, as well as the challenges it poses to the insurance business.
InsurTech Conference 2016, Singapore
27 SEP 2016 | Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center, Singapore: InsurTech 2016 aims to be the knowledge-exchange platform to foster synergies among market players to find solutions to implement and promote best innovative insurance practices in a collaborative, open and transparent manner. We are expecting participants from more than 40 countries in a close knitted gathering of various players from the insurance industry from across different stages of the business lifecycle. We aim to establish a platform where the latest innovations and applications for the insurance industry will be showcased. From keynote speeches to fireside chats, panels, showcasing, startup pitches and users cases from entrepreneurs and insurance professionals within the InsurTech ecosystem, join us in the inaugural global event focused on insurance & technology.
Internet of Insurance, New York
27 SEP 2016 | Park Central Hotel, New York City: The Internet of Insurance in New York will explore how insurers can move from being a once-a-year product business to a customer-centric IoT service business. In today’s commoditized insurance industry, with declining customer loyalty, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers insurers across the personal claims, property and healthcare landscape, a wealth of revenue opportunities. With the connected devices’ data pool, comes the ability to predict and price risk, giving insurers the competitive edge needed to hold off perceived threats.

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