Sent on August 31, 2016

NAIC Wants to Make it Easier to Find Lost Life Insurance Policies
30 AUG 2016 | The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is launching a Life Insurance Policy Locator application for consumers looking for lost life insurance policies. NAIC president and Missouri insurance commissioner John Huff announced the first phase in a national system for life insurance policy location leveraging NAIC data
Insurers Should Take A Demographic Approach to UBI: LexisNexis
30 AUG 2016 | With market growth for usage-based insurance plateauing, parents of teen drivers and the elderly offer new avenues for carriers to leverage for a much-needed lift in business, according to a study by LexisNexis Risk Solutions.
Insurance consumers: We'll give up our data for personalized service
30 AUG 2016 | It is time for insurers to take personalization seriously. In every industry, customer experience is becoming highly personalized, and many consumers will not even engage with a brand unless the message and offer is tailored to their needs and situation.
Bitcoin and Blockchain:  Cryptocurrency’s Growing Impact on Insurance
29 AUG 2016 | How we pay for things is shifting. Smartphones are replacing credits cards and cash. And cryptocurrency is growing fast—digital currency that can be tendered in exchange for goods and services in real life. Cryptocurrency and the technology behind it, blockchain, might someday completely change the way the insurance industry works.
Insurtech ventures going after big & complex health insurance pain points
29 AUG 2016 | This is a guest post by Amy Radin. It is the second of a two-parter. (Thursday is always InsurTech day on Daily Fintech). In my last post I outlined the four dimensions that are defining the opportunities for health Insurtech innovation: the health of the American people, marketplace trends, the role of regulation, and the players.
Customers ‘only read 15%' of insurance documents they receive
29 AUG 2016 | The insurer said on average insurance products come with "more than 25,000 words of explanation written in PhD level language." SunLife has found that if customers were every insurance policy we're sent in full, they would spend an entire month of their lives reading about insurance.
InsurTech: A challenge to and opportunity for insurers
26 AUG 2016 | While the insurance industry has remained much the same for more than a century, the status quo cannot endure. Established insurers have been able to slide by with incremental improvements, but new entrants are demonstrating that approach isn’t enough anymore.
Interview with Minh Q. Tran, General Partner @AXAVentures
22 AUG 2016 | As a general partner in venture capital specialized in insurtech (businesses related to insurance technology), I scan EMEA for innovative startups to invest in early stages. My playground is Europe and Africa where my key motivation is to increase valuation and revenues all over European countries. Insurtech is any businesses related to insurance. It is composed of A. Fintech / Asset Management close to Life Insurance B. D
The New Age of Personalised, Data-Driven Product Development
15 AUG 2016 | With IoT enabling usage based insurance, tech-driven start-ups exploring niche opportunities and customers demanding more of their insurance providers and products, do you understand how data-driven product development is changing the industry forever? Insurance Nexus recently interviewed top insurance executives to understand how products are being transformed, adapting to societal trends and personalising to individuals. Read the whitepaper, “The New Age of Personalised, Data-Driven Product Development in Insurance” now.
Connected Car Insurance USA 2016, 7th Annual Conference and Exhibition
07 SEP 2016 | Radisson Aqua Blu, Chicago: The Connected Car Insurance USA Conference & Exhibition is the largest and most informative forum for executives from across the connected car and auto insurance industries. This year, more than ever before, we broaden the scope to encompass the most current topics shaping the motor insurance space: from new mobility and autonomous to ADAS and the connected car disruptor to data sharing and advanced analytics.
Chief Data Officer Forum Insurance 2016
15 SEP 2016 | Swissotel Chicago, Illinois, USA: The Chief Data Officer Forum Insurance 2016 which will establish a focal point of discussion for Insurance specific CDOs, CAOs and senior data professionals to evaluate the evolving demands of big data and analytics in the Insurance space and importance of championing data/analytics evangelism at an enterprise level. This highly interactive forum, will tackle some of the insurance’s industry’s most crucial topics including price optimisation, fraud analytics, predictive modelling, customer data management, disruptive innovation, embedding a data culture within your organisation and data quality. It will provide you with the tools needed to empower your data and analytics initiatives to bolster your business outcomes. No matter the maturity of your organisation, the two day conference will enable you to shift the cultural mindset to a data-centric approach to problem solving.

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