Sent on October 28, 2015

So, what is an Insurtech startup?
27 OCT 2015 | Here at Startupbootcamp Insurance we have been busy finding the best InsurTech startups for our program. We have been criss crossing the globe speaking to insurers, entrepreneurs and investors to figure out what are the next technologies that will be driving meaningful change in the industry.
Insurance, Innovation and IoT - FC Business Intelligence Report
23 OCT 2015 | The emerging ecosystem of connected devices presents a huge opportunity for insurers looking to become more relevant to digital-native customers. The Digital Insurer reviews FC Business Intelligence’s Report on Insurance, Innovation and IoT Insurance technology is moving rapidly beyond the keyboard… The report “Insurance, Innovation and I-o-T”, by FC Business Intelligence, explains how the web of connected devices will transform the relatively static insurance industry and looks at ways insurers can integrate I-o-T into their business and operating models. The report shares research and key findings from various sources on the growing impact of I-o-T on insurance:
The IoT Revolution: Coming to a Warehouse and a Theme Park Near You   - Carrier Management
23 OCT 2015 | Privacy risks related to potential hacks of Internet-connected devices are hot topics for carriers, risk managers and brokers, but possible business interruption losses should not be overlooked when scoping out coverages for the Internet of Things, a lawyer warns. Speaking at the Advisen Casualty Insights conference earlier this year, Scott Godes, an insurance recovery attorney and a partner with Barnes & Thornburg in Washington, D.C., highlighted the first-party business income losses associated with the failure of Internet-connected devices, giving unusual examples ranging from “connected warehouses” to Disney’s MagicBands....
Japan: Nippon Life to market products via giant mobile operator
22 OCT 2015 | Japanese insurance giant Nippon Life Insurance has formed an alliance with NTT Docomo that will lead to the major mobile phone carrier selling insurance policies at its stores in Japan. The carrier is seeking new revenue sources amid government pressure to lower its charges so as to give households more cash to spend in other areas of the economy, reported the Kyodo News Agency. The sale of insurance policies by Docomo is expected to begin next summer, and it may consider offering products by other insurers, too, allowing customers to compare policies at its shops.
Software Is Eating Insurance: 10 VCs Sound Off On Insurance Tech Disruption
21 OCT 2015 | From health benefits exchanges to new pay-per-use insurance applications, tech startups are gaining momentum in their attacks on the insurance industry. And they are also gaining funding dollars. According to CB Insights data, insurance tech startups raised $831M through the first five months of 2015 alone. VCs aren’t just funding insurance companies, they’re also weighing in on the parts of the insurance stack most vulnerable to change.
Slicing Up the Gecko: How tech start-ups can disrupt a $5 trillion industry
21 OCT 2015 | The insurance industry is ossifed, tech-averse, disliked by consumers, slow, aging, and almost entirely untouched by the IT revolution. That’s going to change, thanks to a new generation of fnancial technology start-ups that are remaking the way Americans think about, shop for, purchase, and use insurance. Since Core Innovation Capital was founded four years ago, we’ve invested in start-ups such as Oportun (formerly Progreso Financiero), BankingUp, and Vouch that ofer fnancial products and services that previously were provided by banks and low-quality “alternative fnancial services” providers.
InsuranceData: Insurance Europe’s interactive online data tool
20 OCT 2015 | As our world becomes increasing complex, the need to access up-to-date data will continue to grow in importance. This is why the European insurance industry has developed a new tool, InsuranceData, to allow policymakers, industry executives, analysts and researchers to access the detailed data they need in a more user-friendly and efficient way. The data collected by Insurance Europe provides a fascinating and essential insight into the economic contribution made by insurance companies throughout Europe.
How the advance of ADAS will force insurers to change their risk model
23 OCT 2015 | Susan Kuchinskas looks at how ADAS’s effect on lowering risk will impact on insurers’ bottom lines [Ins.Kuckinskas.2015.08.06] In May, both Euro NCAP and the Australasian New Car Assessment Program said they had found that low-speed autonomous emergency braking (AEB) technology leads to a 38% reduction in real-world, rear end crashes. The organisations said they'd make AEB technology a key metric in the safety rating of new vehicles. Insurers in the UK are already responding with lower rates for cars equipped with AEB. In May, Thatcham Research Group did a study in which it obtained 500 insurance quotes for five pairs of cars, identical except that one of the pair had AEB.
Insurance Tech Startups Are Invading the Multi-Trillion Dollar Insurance Industry
27 OCT 2015 | From policy-comparison engines to tech-enabled health coverage and insurance tools for on-demand workers and use cases, startups are invading the multi-trillion dollar insurance industry — and investors are chasing them. Here's a brief rundown of what's happening in the world of insurance tech startups. sights.
Telematics for Usage-Based Insurance
05 NOV 2015 | Having been in use for over a decade in commercial vehicles, the insurance sector is exploring the opportunities afforded by telematics technology. Currently, the number of insurance telematics policies in force in the European market reached 4.8 million in the last quarter of 2014 and it is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 42.4% per year. The total number of policies is expected to reach 28.1 million by 2019. So, what is the telematics promise? Up until now – better pricing, more efficient claims handling, portfolio improvement, refined risk assessment and faster fraud depiction. At this ‘Telematics for UBI’ conference we will be discussing and sharing perspectives on how to further increase the uptake of telematics-based motor insurance as well as examining the potential costs of remaining outside of the trend to telematics insurance services.
Automotive Europe - Telematics Autonomy Mobility
02 NOV 2015 | TU-Automotive Europe (formerly Telematics Munich) is Europe's largest conference & exhibition dedicated to the future of auto mobility. For 13 years, this event has grown enormously in size, scope and significance – totally reflecting the path that the connected car has taken from ‘concept’ to ‘reality’. To reflect how the future of the car is not only being defined by in-car connectivity, we have added two new areas of focus to our conference - new models of auto mobility and automated driving technology.