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Three Reasons Why Asia Will Be The Hottest InsurTech Market
11 OCT 2016 | If I could charge a dollar every time someone asked me this year, “George, what’s the latest and ‘hottest’ InsurTech [Insurance Technology] startup in Asia?” I would have probably saved enough to buy the much anticipated upcoming MacBook Pro!
Insurtech futures: aviva offers homeserve leakbot to industry
11 OCT 2016 | LeakBot, a smart connected water leak detector designed by HomeServe Labs, is to be made available to the wider insurance industry and customers by insurer Aviva. Aviva said that the LeakBot is set to offer a solution to the issue of water damage, through its ability to detect leaks anywhere on the mains water supply in a home, spotting them before they have the chance to become big problems.
Much-hyped insurtech Lemonade is off to a roaring start
11 OCT 2016 | Three weeks after its New York launch, P2P insurtech Lemonade has released figures relating to its first 48 hours of business. They show that Lemonade, which donates a portion of clients' premiums to charities, is off to an excellent start. In fact, 1,956 people downloaded Lemonade's app via Google Play and Apple's App Store in the first two days alone.
Top 10 Big Data Issues and How to Solve Them
10 OCT 2016 | The term “Big Data” refers to the large amounts of data in which traditional data processing procedures and tools would not be able to handle. Big data is too voluminous that without the use of a computer, and a data processing application, you just cannot make any sense out of it. But with the right data processing application that can effectively capture, store, analyze, and present big data, your business will just be able to have the capacity to see trends on your sales and your expenses, what steps you can take in order to positively influence such trends or control negative occurrences.
InsurTech will be the Next Big Thing - Crowdfund Insider
10 OCT 2016 | The insurance industry is a sector of finance that is begging for disruption. In the Fintech arena, Insurtech is poised to be huge. The US Treasury Department published a study of insurance in September that pegged total assets for insurance at over $8 trillion.
Slice Labs Launches On-Demand Homesharing Product
07 OCT 2016 | Insurtech startup Slice Labs has launched an insurance product in the U.S. to support the on-demand economy. Slice’s first product focuses on the home-sharing market—consumers renting their homes on websites like Airbnb and HomeAway, according to the company. Its policies will cover homeowners for the entire time travelers rent their home.
Big insurers will be keen to see whether Lemonade’s P2P business really delights consumers - Accenture Insurance Blog
07 OCT 2016 | After much fanfare, U.S. insurtech firm Lemonade has begun trading and plenty of established insurers will be keeping an eye on how the start-up performs. Like many other insurtech ventures, Lemonade is promising to disrupt the insurance industry by providing consumers with cheaper and more attractive products and services. The company is initially trading in New York, and offering home-owners P&C cover from $35 a month and renters insurance from just $5 a month.
Insurers Can See Hurricane Matthew’s Damage Before It Happens
07 OCT 2016 | They weren’t just plotting the usual meteorological stuff, though, and making the usual forecasts: wind speed, rainfall, sea-swell. They also were armed with new-fangled intelligence -- like a model that displays the types, and current density level, of the trees surrounding electricity lines -- that allowed them to spit out an estimate of how many households and businesses would lose power.
Novel Solution for Driverless Risk - Insurance Thought Leadership
07 OCT 2016 | The route to a fully autonomous vehicle market seems long and fitful in the eyes of many. But it is likely to become a reality faster than many are prepared to accept. Like IBM, Kodak and many other companies once confronted with a rapidly changing market, we, too, now face disruptions in the auto market, perhaps unlike any since the invention of the auto.
Munich Re partners with insurtech start-up
06 OCT 2016 | Munich Re’s corporate venture capital arm is to partner with an insurtech start-up that is launching the first on-demand pay-per-use insurance platform, it was announced yesterday. Munich Re / HSB Ventures will provide funding to Slice Labs – a start-up that was formally incorporated in October 2015 and has already received funding from venture capital firms Horizons Ventures and XL Innovate.
Reinsurance 2020: how Swiss Re is leading the industry out of Dark Ages
10 OCT 2016 | Tech is King was the name of the annual event hosted by Swiss Re, which gathered in Milan insurers, reinsurers, and experts to discuss of innovation, insurtech, and new trends. The goal of the conference was to understand how the technological transformation of the sector is affecting the traditional value creation model and what it might be the role of the incumbents in the next ten years. Carlo Coletta, CEO Swiss RE Italy, made the opening remarks explaining how insurtech can increase the opportunities of the sector as well as broaden the total market share, creating a win-win situation for every player.
The insurtech revolution: the next big wave is connected insurance
06 OCT 2016 | It was one year ago that insurtechnews went live for the first time, promising to deliver the best collection of news related to the insurtech topic. The decision to create such a website was based on the fact that all signals were announcing insurtech as the big wave to sweep through the insurance industry. Today we see that the trend is more than confirmed as the Insurtech space is being populated by 974 start-ups (and constantly rising) spread across an articulated and complex environment while investment deals of more than $2B were attributed to insurtech in 2016.
the IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona
25 OCT 2016 | Gran Via Venue, Barcelona: After its very first edition, the IOT Solutions World Congress has already established itself as the leading global event focusing on industrial IOT. IOT Solutions World Congress 2016 will be the second edition of this global event dedicated exclusively to joining IoT providers with industry in order to help the latter increase productivity via this disruptive technology. The IOTSWC16 will offer a highly international environment with more than 8,000 visitors and will focus on IoT solutions in six dedicated areas: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Transportation & Logistics, Innovation and Technology.
InsurTech Rising, London
14 NOV 2016 | The Crystal, Royal Victoria Dock, London| Discover the innovations set to transform the insurance industry at the leading InsurTech showcase. Hear from industry leaders on how they are harnessing the power of InsurTech to accelerate their digital transformation strategies and deliver customer-centric solutions. Meet the innovators driving this change, from insurers and entrepreneurs to VCs and solution providers. GET 10% DISCOUNT WITH THE CODE: FKN2483ITN

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