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How to sell insurance products people believe they don’t need
18 OCT 2016 | Every insurance company and its agents face the same hurdle each day: Convincing audiences that they should buy something they believe they don’t need. Selling insurance isn’t like selling something people want. Consumers want iPhones and a nice-looking car.
Insurtech futures: can brokers benefit from the internet of things?
17 OCT 2016 | The internet has redefined the way we interact with each other and revolutionised the way we live, but we are about to enter a new phase of growth as every-day devices are connected to the internet in what is called the Internet of Things (IoT).
Is insurtech a threat or a bonus for the insurance industry?
17 OCT 2016 | If you work in the insurance industry and haven’t heard of the term “insurtech” then you must have been on a very lengthy vacation – insurtech is now big business, as proven by FinanceFox, an app that assists people with managing their insurance online, raising a record $28 million in funding during September.
Deloitte appoints Nigel Walsh to lead insurtech practice
17 OCT 2016 | As the former UK head of insurance at Capgemini, Nigel has advised UK and European insurance companies on major systems replacements and technology transformation projects. By drawing on his relationships with technology partners, he has helped to improve the customer and broker experience.
Growing Pains to Come for Insurtech?
17 OCT 2016 | Is Insurtech – that term to describe the new generation of tech-driven industry players – the flavor of the moment, or is it a bona fide disruptive force poised to transform the industry? Analysts at Financial Technology Partners, for one, believe it’s the latter, and their reasoning is spelled out in a new research brief.
InsurTech Startup Launches Lease Guarantee Platform in New York
14 OCT 2016 | TheGuarantors, a New York-based insurance tech startup founded in 2014, is seeking to make renting an apartment in New York easier for landlords, brokers and renters through its newly launched, tech-enabled lease guarantee platform.
InsurTech Futures: Aviva to use HomeServe LeakBot
13 OCT 2016 | LeakBot, a smart connected water leak detector designed by HomeServe Labs, is to be made available to customers by insurer Aviva. Aviva said that the LeakBot is set to offer a solution to the issue of water damage, through its ability to detect leaks anywhere on the mains water supply in a home, spotting them before they have the chance to become big problems.
The future of insurance: A look at the risk landscape of 2025
13 OCT 2016 | Over the next decade, the insurance and TPA landscape will continue to evolve. And while it is impossible to predict the top challenges that will face risk buyers, intermediaries, TPAs and insurers so far into the future, it is interesting to gaze into the crystal ball.
Unusual Move: Lemonade Reveals Data From Initial 2 Days of Operation
13 OCT 2016 | Lemonade, the peer-to-peer InsurTech startup that launched only a few weeks ago on Sept. 21 selling renters and homeowners insurance in New York, sold 142 policies and generated $14,300 in gross written premium in its first 48 hours.
Insurtech IoT champions are now walking amongst us, but who is leading the way?
14 OCT 2016 | In a flash, Insurtech and IoT have exploded on to the insurance scene. Technology and digital change is completely changing the fundamentals of how insurers do business as investments in connected insurance, one of the main areas of insurtech, have reached 81% of overall venture funding within the sector according to a study by Venture Scanner. In this context leading voices are standing out from the crowd, giving us direction on the best path forward. Insurtech IoT champions are now walking amongst us, but who do you think is leading the way? InsurechNews and Insurance Nexus would like to announce the first ever Insurtech IoT Leader Board – a place for the industry to review these thought leaders.
Reinsurance 2020: how Swiss Re is leading the industry out of Dark Ages
10 OCT 2016 | Tech is King was the name of the annual event hosted by Swiss Re, which gathered in Milan insurers, reinsurers, and experts to discuss of innovation, insurtech, and new trends. The goal of the conference was to understand how the technological transformation of the sector is affecting the traditional value creation model and what it might be the role of the incumbents in the next ten years. Carlo Coletta, CEO Swiss RE Italy, made the opening remarks explaining how insurtech can increase the opportunities of the sector as well as broaden the total market share, creating a win-win situation for every player.
the IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona
25 OCT 2016 | Gran Via Venue, Barcelona: After its very first edition, the IOT Solutions World Congress has already established itself as the leading global event focusing on industrial IOT. IOT Solutions World Congress 2016 will be the second edition of this global event dedicated exclusively to joining IoT providers with industry in order to help the latter increase productivity via this disruptive technology. The IOTSWC16 will offer a highly international environment with more than 8,000 visitors and will focus on IoT solutions in six dedicated areas: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Transportation & Logistics, Innovation and Technology.
RE•WORK Machine Intelligence Summit, New York
02 NOV 2016 | Where machine learning meets artificial intelligence. The rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data. The event will explore advances in machine learning & AI technology and applications. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, neural networks and big data. Explore how machine intelligence will impact agriculture, manufacturing, finance & transportation. Use our discount code INSUR20 for 20% off tickets. Visit the event website & apply the discount at the checkout:

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