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Would you make an insurance claim by chat-bot?
31 OCT 2017 | A Kiwi start-up insurance company plans to use chat-bot technology to allow people to apply for insurance and make a claim via their mobile phone. Chat-bots are computer programs that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence.
Insurance apps aren’t popular with policyholders yet, finds J.D. Power
31 OCT 2017 | It’s no secret that insurers are making a significant investment in technology. From apps and drones to software and artificial intelligence, insurers are incubating their own technology or partnering with companies on the forefront of development in multiple disciplines.
Using Catastrophes to Rethink Claims (Part 2)
30 OCT 2017 | Digital technologies have the power to re-design insurance. A host of benefits lie within the front-end customer experience, but insurers stand to gain just as much from the digitalization of the back-end operations, including the claims process.
Insurtech Startup Etherisc Offers Blockchain-Based Flight Delay Insurance
30 OCT 2017 | Etherisc, a Zug-Switzerland-based insurance platform startup, has begun offering blockchain-based flight delay insurance, called Flight Delay, which automates the process of getting an insurance payout in case a flight is canceled or delayed.
SA insurtech startup Naked raises $1.4m
30 OCT 2017 | South African insurtech startup Naked Insurance has raised a ZAR20 million (US$1.4 million) funding round as it looks to make the business of obtaining insurance effortless, fair and more transparent.
Is Apple the Next Big Life Insurance Company?
27 OCT 2017 | There is a monster lurking beneath the insurance companies. For now, it lies dormant, having already been satiated by enormous feasts of industry. But soon it will soon grow hungry again and may turn its voracious appetite and overwhelming puissance on the insurance industry.
Oscar Strategy Teardown: How the Health Insurer Is Beginning To Hedge Against Obamacare
27 OCT 2017 | Oscar has tried to disrupt health insurance with a focus on customer experience and technology, but success has been mixed. As the company changes tack, what does the future of a next-gen US health insurer look like?
Regulations pose challenges for insurtech innovation
26 OCT 2017 | A major challenge posed by insurtech is how to achieve innovation and improvement in a highly regulated sector, Andrea Best, a London-based partner at law firm Drinker Biddle and Reath, told Baden-Baden Today.
Hood Group partners with Gary Lineker-backed start-up Neos
26 OCT 2017 | Smart home insurance provider Neos has partnered with data and technology driven broker Hood Group. According to Neos, Hood Group will provide administration services supporting the Neos smart home insurance proposition, including sales support and customer services such as customer helpline, policy fulfilment, mid-term adjustments and renewals.
OP's ClaimKit nets top 20 global insurance carrier
26 OCT 2017 | ClaimKit Inc. is celebrating a sweet win — landing its largest client to date. The Overland Park tech company signed a three-year commercial use agreement with QBE Ventures, the venture capital arm of Australia-based QBE Insurance Group Ltd.
Microinsurance: How is BIMA going to build upon its success in a future where more insurers are looking to digital based solutions?
27 OCT 2017 | BIMA is bringing microinsurance to 24 million customers across Asia, Latin America and Africa. So how is it going to build upon its success in a future where more insurers are looking to digital and even artificial intelligence based solutions? Already BIMA clients in Cambodgia can upload claims through Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp and they seem to prefer it over the more traditional version involving papers. Currently experimenting with the automation of claims payments, especially for health insurance products, BIMA is looking to heavily invest in improving the customer experience.
Insurtech will make insurance great again
18 OCT 2017 | Here we are celebrating two years of InsurTechNews and what better way to do this than giving you a quick update on the state of the industry and on our website metrics. Insurers, reinsurers and venture capital firms invested $985m (£735m) between April and June, with a total of $1.26bn up to date. The spike in 2017’s second quarter is expected to continue until the end of the year, surpassing previous quarters.
The Claims Transformation Forum
31 OCT 2017 | Claims has been identified as the opportune focus area for insurance companies to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Yet it is also the moment of truth in delivering customer experience that will win or lose customers. With the insurance industry undergoing a rapid technological revolution, automation, digitalisation and data analytics are key to achieving the most efficient claims process whilst ensuring a superior customer experience. This is also paving the way for a transformation in people skills and management, with talent becoming an increasing focus for insurers. London, UK | The difficulty of delivering this has been compounded by record-levels of insurance fraud, which disrupt both customer experience and process efficiency. In these challenging conditions, the claims service has become the key differentiator in a fiercely competitive insurance market, and companies who fail to meet evolving customer expectations whilst cutting costs and fighting fraud will lose out on vital market share. The Claims Transformation Forum will bring together leading claims professionals from across Europe’s insurance industry to address the key challenges in enhancing profitability and differentiating from competitors in a digital era.
02 NOV 2017 | Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands | A Premier Gathering of Leading European Insurance Industry Professionals, Visionaries, Companies & Institutions in the Claims Management Sector. CONFERENCE THEME SESSIONS: 1) Regulations: Latest updates, Regulatory Changes & Agility, Addressing Concerns, Risks & Liabilities, Autonomous & Electric Vehicles Bill - Key Impacts to Insurers, analyzing the risks and liabilities of autonomous vehicles, & etc. 2) Fraud Detection: Latest Approaches, Developing Strategies, & etc. 3) Innovation in Claims: Artificial Intelligence, Digitization of Claims Management, Leveraging Digital Experience & Process, Technology Role of the Professional,The new mobility landscape, Autonomous Vehicle Developments & Key Impacts to Insurers, & etc. 4) Claims Challenges: Operating Model, Current & Future Innovations, Digital Age Relevance, Elimination hidden costs, & etc. 5) Claims & Customer Experience: Best Practices & Processes, Customer-Centric Approaches, & etc. 6) InsurTech: Revolution in claims management, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Impacts, Customer Experience & etc. 7) Case Studies: Over 9 Real Live Case Studies & Panel Discussions
4th Annual FinTech Summit 2017
02 NOV 2017 | Ashurst, Sydney | We are very excited to be running the 4th FinTech Summit, and delighted to be partnering with global law firm and fintech experts, Ashurst. The FinTech Summit brings together the influential, disruptive and innovative technology companies that are redefining financial services across all areas of fintech: lending, payments, big data, crypto, blockchain, InsureTech, robo-advice; and we’ll also be covering bank-fintech collaboration, the Bank’s corporate VCs and much more. We put FinTech firms and FinTech entrepreneurs first. This event is for the ‘eco-system’ of fintech; from fintech entrepreneurs to finance professionals, investors, bankers, lawyers, and other tech professionals. The FinTech Summit and The FinTech Awards are owned and organised by Frocomm Australia; we are independent of any association, and our agenda is simple: we champion fintech. You may also be interested in the FinTech Awards Click Here as well as our regular fintech meetups

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