Sent on October 26, 2016

European Insurance Firms Launch New Blockchain Consortium
25 OCT 2016 | Five major European insurance and reinsurance companies have partnered on a new blockchain initiative, seeking a potential new path for delivering faster and secure client services. The project, dubbed the Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative, or B3i, is aimed at providing a meeting ground for the companies to exchange ideas, test use cases and pursue concepts that could ultimately reshape how they deliver insurance services.
INSURTECH - You will never insure – or be insured - the same again!
25 OCT 2016 | In the startup world, insurtech is currently one of the most dynamic and exciting sectors: more than $2,6bn were invested in the industry last year, three times the amount invested the year prior.
Munich Re Forms Another Meaningful Tech Partnership In Simplesurance Agreement
25 OCT 2016 | “Digital insurance startups and digital verticals are changing the way consumers can interact with insurers,” Rear said. “I strongly believe that this ultimately benefits not only consumers, but our industry. That’s why [we] are supporting these kind of activities.”
Autonomous driving will change motor insurance landscape
24 OCT 2016 | A shift away from traditional auto insurance will be an inevitable consequence of the rise of driver assistance systems and, ultimately, autonomous driving, Hazel Yang Lee, lead, personal auto product development at ISO Solutions, a Verisk Analytics business, told PCI Today.
Big Data Could Lower Insurance Rates for Optimistic Tweeters
24 OCT 2016 | When people take to Twitter to comment on the great evening they enjoyed with good food and wonderful friends, reducing their monthly insurance bill is probably the last thing on their mind. But such tweets could help insurers to price premiums for individuals, with research suggesting a direct link between positive posts and a reduced risk of heart disease.
Data science can give new entrants an edge
24 OCT 2016 | Insurtech will be one of the biggest topics for attendees at the PCI conference in Dallas, Barbara Bufkin, head of business development Hamilton USA, told PCI Today. “It’s been interesting to me that the discussions we have had at other conferences and are likely to have at PCI are based around what we as a primary insurer are doing around the insuretech space,” Bufkin said.
Tech start-ups bring innovation and risk to insurance industry: Gartner
24 OCT 2016 | The global insurance industry is investing heavily in insurance technology start-ups with Gartner predicting that 80% of life, property and casualty insurers worldwide will partner with or acquire insurtechs to secure their competitive positions by the end of 2018.
How Will the Internet of Medical Things Change Healthcare?
21 OCT 2016 | Technology has changed everything from the way television is watched, to the way we find directions, to the way we order food, but the medical industry has been surprisingly resistant to technology’s transformative effects—until now.
The Insurance Model in 2035?
21 OCT 2016 | On June 1, there was a high-level conference organized by the alumni of the three most prestigious business schools in France, HEC, ESSEC and ESCP Europe, whose title was “How to run an insurance company in the context of digital, societal and regulatory transformation?” The most burning issues were addressed with depth and perspective, including issues relating to the impact of digital revolution, the clash of generations and the new playground imposed by Solvency 2 on insurance.
Why Insurance Will Become Invisible
20 OCT 2016 | You might want to take a mental snapshot of what insurance looks like, because children born today could make up the first generation that won’t know what insurance is. That’s not because insurance won’t be a thing; it will just look a lot different in 20 years. “Insurance will be much bigger, and there will probably be more — because there will be many more risks,” said SAP Global Head of Insurance Bob Cummings on Thursday during his keynote at the SAP Digital Insurance Innovation Summit near San Francisco.
Startupbootcamp secures £1 million investment from Eos to fund InsurTech cohort
20 OCT 2016 | Startupbootcamp InsurTech, the leading independent accelerator focused on early stage insurance startups and corporate innovation, announces agreement with Eos Venture Partners of up to £1 million in funding for the cohort joining its 2017 program.
Interview with Spiros Margaris, 50insurtech influencer and founder of Margaris Advisory
25 OCT 2016 | With my advisory boutique, Margaris Advisory, I provide fintech start-ups and financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, advice on fintech trends and strategic orientation. I am also hands-on in several fintech start-ups as a venture capitalist investor. My definition of insurtech (insurance technology) is very simple: a start-up or company that provides, through technology and innovation, a disruption to the insurance industry status quo. In the process, customers will be provided with cost-effective, efficient solutions, and a better, simpler user experience more suited to their current lifestyle.
These 21 InsurTech startups are disrupting old style insurance business
20 OCT 2016 | The hunt is closed and our insurtech influencers selected the top 21 newcomers on EMEA, APAC and Americas. Insurtech has already seen investment deals for more than $2B in 2016, including $400M Oscar round, $500M Ping a Good Doctor Round and $191M Metromile rounds. The MEDICI Top 21 – InsurTech Award based on the screening of 480 Players and the evaluation by our insurtech influencers.
the IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona
25 OCT 2016 | Gran Via Venue, Barcelona: After its very first edition, the IOT Solutions World Congress has already established itself as the leading global event focusing on industrial IOT. IOT Solutions World Congress 2016 will be the second edition of this global event dedicated exclusively to joining IoT providers with industry in order to help the latter increase productivity via this disruptive technology. The IOTSWC16 will offer a highly international environment with more than 8,000 visitors and will focus on IoT solutions in six dedicated areas: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Transportation & Logistics, Innovation and Technology.
RE•WORK Machine Intelligence Summit, New York
02 NOV 2016 | Where machine learning meets artificial intelligence. The rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data. The event will explore advances in machine learning & AI technology and applications. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, neural networks and big data. Explore how machine intelligence will impact agriculture, manufacturing, finance & transportation. Use our discount code INSUR20 for 20% off tickets. Visit the event website & apply the discount at the checkout:

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