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Here’s Why We Need Fintech Disruption Now More Than Ever
10 AUG 2016 | Thanks to the wonders of digital innovation, a television today costs about a tenth of what it did in the 1980s. Two-thirds of Americans now carry smartphones that compute faster than the average desktop in the 1990s, for a fraction of the cost. Yet there’s one field that has proven stubbornly resistant to the kind of disruption that eases prices and boosts efficiency: finance.
Can Blockchains Be Insured?
10 AUG 2016 | Are blockchains insurable? This question was posed as a topic for presentation by the Center of Insurance Policy and Research, a research arm of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (CIPR/NAIC). The trigger appears to be that some insurance companies are being asked to insure the business operations of blockchain enterprises. This same question would apply to legacy businesses that may choose to use or participate in a blockchain, which is basically a shared database managed by software.
Inzura becomes the lastest company on the insurtech scene
09 AUG 2016 | Inzura – a new digital insurance platform – is set to begin using smartphone data and photo recognition to calculate policies. It’s thought insurance companies will be able to take on less risk by fine-tuning policies. "We believe the smartphone will play a central role in the much-needed digitisation of insurance," said Richard Jelbert, chief executive of Inzura.
Insuretech Startup Finds Heavy-Weight Partner
09 AUG 2016 | A Swiss startup selling insurance products online has found a heavy-weight customer: the Swiss state railway company SBB. Anivo, an startup based in Zug, has launched a new online platform, making insurance products available to employees and members of clubs and associations, the company said in a statement today. The insuretech company has succeeded in signing a partner of considerable weight in Switzerland.
InsurTech Futures: Ageas launches ‘Tinder style’ app
08 AUG 2016 | Ageas has launched an app targeted at millennials which will enable them to insure up to three items for £15 per month. The app works by the user uploading photos of the items they wish to insure. They can then swipe, in a similar way to dating app Tinder, in order to organise their cover needs. Ageas said the app can cover both possessions and travel experiences. There is no annual contract, no penalty fees, and the option to ‘swipe' possessions in and out.
What impact will the out vote have on insurance?
05 AUG 2016 | A month after the vote and still no one really knows. Is this reasonable? As pretty much everything else is up in the air, why should the insurance industry be any different, you might ask? But there is one big difference. The insurance industry is based, at its core, on individuals being able to make economic and financial predictions about the future, based on past events and data. So what predictions can we make about the likely effect of Brexit on the insurance industry?
Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts for Reinsurance
05 AUG 2016 | This is a guest post by Howard Tolman So the old and politically incorrect joke goes, If you’re in Ireland and you ask an Irishman how do I get to “so and so”, you’ll probably get the response that it all depends on where you’re starting from. The same thing applies to the usefulness of Blockchain combined with Smart contracts in Commercial Reinsurance. So where would you start from?
China: Swiss Re offers 1st parametric farm insurance solution
05 AUG 2016 | Swiss Re has entered into a reinsurance protection scheme with the government of Heilongjiang Province in northeast China and the Sunlight Agriculture Mutual Insurance Company of China.
Insurtech, Inteview with Christopher Oster, CEO of Clark
04 AUG 2016 | One of the hottest insurtech companies in Europe, Clark, has just announced the close of a $13.2m Series A funding round. Christopher Oster, co-founder and CEO of the Berlin-based startup, answered our questions about innovation in the insurance industry, the product, the funding and investors and future plans.
Be Afraid of These 4 Startups
03 AUG 2016 | The 1926 Model A is a far cry from the self-driving Tesla we see on the road today. The automotive industry has progressed light years since Henry Ford first paved the way for automobiles. From refrigerators to cars, technology is moving at warp speed. There’s just one industry that hasn’t quite kept up with the Joneses: the insurance industry.
InsurTech Futures: Zurich teams up with Cocoon on smart tech home product
03 AUG 2016 | Zurich Insurance has partnered up with smart tech company Cocoon on an all-in-one home security system. The insurer stated that this was a part of its wider plans to continue investing in innovation and future technologies, in order to lead the charge in changing the nature of risk through the use of future tech.
InsurTech Matchmate Game
10 AUG 2016 | To any outsider, it’s very clear that the InsurTechs and insurers make for very odd bedfellows. The InsurTechs are quite ephemeral. They sprout up with the sweet rains of VC funding and die as their funding dries up. They are nimble and innovative. They aspire to be the next Google - ready to disrupt the establishment in the best “Moon shot” tradition. Insurers, on the other hand, tend to be corporate immortals, often measuring their tenure in centuries. Their processes appear fixed and hidebound, handed down from ages gone by.
Interview with Matteo Carbone, 50insurtech influencer and founder of the Connected Insurance Observatory
09 AUG 2016 | Find out from our interview what Matteo looks for when judging an insurtech initiatve. Matteo Carbone is Principal at Bain & Company’s Financial Services and Digital Practices, Founder and Responsible of the Connected Insurance Observatory, Thought Leader in InsurTech, Top 50 InsurTech Influencer. He is strategic consultant on the Insurance sector, with a specialization on innovation.
Connected Car Insurance USA 2016, 7th Annual Conference and Exhibition
07 SEP 2016 | Radisson Aqua Blu, Chicago: The Connected Car Insurance USA Conference & Exhibition is the largest and most informative forum for executives from across the connected car and auto insurance industries. This year, more than ever before, we broaden the scope to encompass the most current topics shaping the motor insurance space: from new mobility and autonomous to ADAS and the connected car disruptor to data sharing and advanced analytics.
Chief Data Officer Forum Insurance 2016
15 SEP 2016 | Swissotel Chicago, Illinois, USA: The Chief Data Officer Forum Insurance 2016 which will establish a focal point of discussion for Insurance specific CDOs, CAOs and senior data professionals to evaluate the evolving demands of big data and analytics in the Insurance space and importance of championing data/analytics evangelism at an enterprise level. This highly interactive forum, will tackle some of the insurance’s industry’s most crucial topics including price optimisation, fraud analytics, predictive modelling, customer data management, disruptive innovation, embedding a data culture within your organisation and data quality. It will provide you with the tools needed to empower your data and analytics initiatives to bolster your business outcomes. No matter the maturity of your organisation, the two day conference will enable you to shift the cultural mindset to a data-centric approach to problem solving.

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