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3 Ways to Leverage Digital Innovation
23 MAY 2017 | Technological innovation has the potential to change any industry for the better, and major technological developments in the last decade or so are creating exciting opportunities in insurance. Here are some of the top ways that insurance can leverage digital technological innovation.
Toyota pushes into blockchain tech to enable the next generation of cars
23 MAY 2017 | On the same day that Ford officially ousted its chief executive in a bid to remake itself as future-focused vehicle manufacturer, Toyota announced its own steps to embrace technology’s next wave. Andwhile Ford is looking to catch up to the leaders in autonomous and electric vehicle manufacturing, Toyota (through the Toyota Research Institute) appears to be taking the next fork in the road toward enabling that autonomous and electric future.
Blog: Diary of an insurtech start-up, episode 3: The quickening
23 MAY 2017 | Start-ups have to go to great lengths to attract business, both literally and figuratively, writes James Stuart Clarke, head of sales and partnerships at Digital Fineprint. It’s hard to believe that a month has passed since our last diary. Start-up time is like dog years: you blink and summer is almost upon us. This week has been characterised by public speaking, late-stage negotiations and slow travel through England’s green and pleasant land. And a dog.
InsurTech Futures: Advent launches portal for ancillary products
23 MAY 2017 | Firm says proposition will initially provide motor-related ancillary products to brokers. Advent Solutions Management has launched Sparta, a portal-based provider of specialist ancillary products to brokers. The start-up incubator and InsurTech investor stated that Sparta employs “sophisticated technology that intuitively suggests related ancillary products based on broker input about their client”.
New digital era for insurers [infographic]
22 MAY 2017 | How will your organization thrive in the new era of fast efficient purchasing and product choice? According to Bolt, a leading insurer learned this the hard way when 30 percent of customers entering their new website failed to engage. By adopting a digital distribution platform with a tightly integrated market network, the insurer was able to provide 92 percent of customers with an offer and grew market share by 7.3 percent.
Autonomous Vehicles Will Drive $US81 Billion In New Premiums For Auto Insurers: Accenture
22 MAY 2017 | At first glance the rise of autonomous vehicles looks like bad news for the insurance industry. Who needs insurance when your car never crashes? However, a new report argues there’s $US81 billion up for grabs for forward-thinking insurers which will offset a decline in traditional insurance premiums.
Three ways insurtech is changing the game for cyber
22 MAY 2017 | There had been 312 data breaches just through mid-March in 2017, even before the WannaCry breach, and this even as cybersecurity investments are at a major high. Against this backdrop, cyber is moving from just an IT problem to a profound business risk. Businesses are quickly realizing that cyberattacks are the norm, rather than the exception, and cybersecurity technology defenses cannot guarantee protection against this ever-growing threat. When risk prevention and mitigation can only go so far, organizations begin to look for risk management and transfer. This is where insurance comes in.
Singapore:"Deal Day" to feature in FinTech Festival this year
19 MAY 2017 | The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced that the second edition of the Singapore FinTech Festival is to be held in Singapore from 13 to 17 November 2017, with the addition of an Investor Summit or "Deal Day" in the programme line-up. The Summit will showcase investment-worthy Singapore-based start-ups and disruptive technologies to local and global investors, with a view to facilitate FinTech investment deals. The week-long Festival will build on the success of the inaugural Festival last November, which drew more than 13,000 participants from across 60 countries. The Global FinTech Hackcelerator, FinTech Awards and the FinTech Conference will continue to be the key components of this year’s Festival.
Motor liability won’t disappear with self-driving cars, says UnipolRe CEO
19 MAY 2017 | Motor liability is unlikely to disappear with the emergence of self-driving cars because the critical decisions will remain the responsibility of the driver, UnipolRe CEO Marc Sordoni told Intelligent Insurer. Car manufacturers are currently introducing new technology that makes driving safer such as lane assist or automatic emergency braking. But companies like Google, Uber and Tesla are researching on self-driving cars which could, theoretically, move the insurance liability completely to the manufacturer from the driver in case of an accident.
InsurTech Futures: Ageas to use AI in claims handling
18 MAY 2017 | Ageas has partnered with Tractable to use artificial intelligence (AI) across its motor claims management. The provider claimed that this is the first time AI has been used in motor claims handling in the UK and added that is “represents a significant opportunity in the claims sector” to save time and cost. Ageas further explained that it had completed a successful first-stage pilot at the end of 2016, performing analysis of several thousand vehicle images involved in accidents, with Ageas’ motor engineers verifying the findings.
Aviva to launch health app in partnership with tech company Tictrac
18 MAY 2017 | Aviva has partnered with software company Tictrac and will launch an interactive wellbeing app during the second half of 2017. The Aviva Wellbeing app aims to help customers track and improve their overall health and better manage specific conditions and fitness priorities. Aviva Wellbeing will extend the insurer’s health propositions beyond health insurance, offering customers an opportunity to access free, personalised health information and data to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.
Health-tech company Philips keen to ‘partner with insurers’
18 MAY 2017 | Health technology company, Philips, would "love to team up with insurers", according to Egbert van Acht, CEO for health and wellness at Philips. Speaking to an audience of 850 senior insurance executives at the recent DIA Amsterdam global InsurTech conference – attended by Life Insurance International – van Acht said by by Philips and insurers working together: “Together, we can achieve better outcomes." He explained that Philips is witnessing four major trends in health technology.
Unveiling the full potential of telematics
22 MAY 2017 | The Italian market has developed the furthest in terms of telematics penetration, and the evidence and experiences collected should be seen by all as bearing significant relevance. Best practices are and will be collected in early adopter markets, like Italy, to be tested and (partly) replicated elsewhere. To conclude, the popularity of telematics has increased rapidly in Europe, driven mainly by Italy, and UBI subscriptions are expected to take off in the UK, Germany and France within the next five years. Other areas, such as property, life and health are showing signs of change, as connected cars, connected homes and connected lives could merge into a connected ecosystem protected by connected insurance
IoT in Insurance in the Real World - Survey Results 2017
18 MAY 2017 | At the beginning of the year, everyone is looking at the crucial elements of change that will affect their business in the next twelve months. And when it comes to IoT that change is set to happen very rapidly. In fact, by 2020 it’s predicted that most homes in the UK will have smart thermostat. And by 2020, 411 million smart wearable devices will be sold, worth a staggering $34 billion (CSS Insights). But how will this impact insurance? And how can you prepare?
Insurance Summit Kansas City
22 MAY 2017 | Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center | The Insurance Summit combines the best of NAIC and NIPR resources in a premier conference for insurance professionals. Join us in Kansas City for diverse, content-rich education sessions in a customizable schedule. We'll help you meet your career development goals while showcasing emerging issues, NAIC key initiatives and the latest technology solutions. The 2017 Insurance Summit will bring together a wide spectrum of insurance and regulatory disciplines – including Innovative Technology, Producer Licensing, Financial Regulation, Market Regulation, Communications and the Center for Insurance and Policy and Research – into one premier conference for insurance professionals.
Insurance Nexus Asia Summit
24 MAY 2017 | Singapore | Conquer low premium costs and low insurance penetration through digital transformation Come together with business-transformation frontrunners and analytics leaders to build your roadmap to boost insurance penetration and create strategic advantage that will leave your competitors wondering what happened! This summit is a must-attend event for those involved with business transformation, customer centricity and analytics from insurance carriers (P&C, Commercial, Specialty, Health and Life)

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